The VIT-AP School of Business (VSB) is launched with the vision of preparing the future leaders of India to face the emerging crises-opportunities. With management knowledge and leadership being integral parts of the modern age, VSB programmes are designed to enhance leadership competencies, social and ecological sensitivity and systems thinking of the participants. The meticulously designed programmes place a special emphasis on incorporating technology into the curriculum with an objective of enabling students to be effective decision-makers under techno-socio-economic uncertainty. At VSB, students are motivated and equipped to become leaders in order to play a critical role in the evolution of new business models and organization forms, alternate governance structures in business, government, education and health amongst others.


Our Vision


To be globally renowned as a pioneering business school for its contextually relevant programmes and research that transforms business and society


Our Mission

Our mission is to nurture compassionate future business professionals, leaders and entrepreneurs. So, we offer collaborative international programs integrating emerging technologies. We are also striving to contribute to inclusive and sustainable development through industry driven research and applied learning.




Board Of Advisors


Dr. Raju Balakrishnan

College of Business,
University of Michigan,
Dearborn, MI, USA

Dr. Nancy Johnson
Associate Dean

International and Graduate Programs & Kalam India Studies Endowed Professor of Management
Gatton College of Business and Economics University of Kentucky, USA

Dr. Selvan Dorairaj

Vice President-Learning and Development Capgemini India

Dr. Ganesh L S

Retired Professor
Dept. of Management Studies
IIT Madras



Message From Associate Dean – Dr. Raghavendra



Welcome to VIT-AP School of Business (VSB).

Education is an interminable and a constant process. One has to keep on learning throughout. Our role as educators is to inspire our students to achieve great things.

A successful institution not only strives to achieve academic excellence but also encourages and empowers the students to be lifelong learners, critical thinkers and productive managers. It will imbibe values and ethics, interpersonal skills and cultivate leadership traits among the students.

At VSB, we strive to create dynamic environment for education and set the stage for students’ achievement and success. We try to bring a plethora of opportunities to explore by encouraging our students to gear-up for the challenges, through regular classroom interactions as well as their participation at various co-curricular and extracurricular activities.

With overwhelming amount of information and technology made available to everyone, it is impossible not to keep oneself updated. If a lesson has to be productive, we need to make sure that the students actually absorb the topic. The new generation of competent mind should comprehend the art of balancing brilliant technical, managerial communication and interpersonal skills, delivered along with expertise at its finest.


I am happy that VSB is known for its Academic credentials coupled with holistic growth in all directions and spheres. With experienced faculty from premier institutes, unique curriculum with a healthy blend of management, liberal education and technology courses, the Institute has achieved a series of milestones in terms of industry collaborations, professional certifications, foreign university collaborations and Academic results since 2018, and the credit for the same undoubtedly goes to our brilliant students, dedicated staff and encouraging Management.

I welcome all students to VSB and wish them the very best.


Programmes Offered




Programme Highlights



  • Specialisation in Business Analytics, Fintech, Digital Marketing and General Management
  • Wide array of courses, including liberal arts and engineering courses integrated with management core courses
  • Option to pursue BBA from University of Michigan, Dearborn (UMD), USA : 2 years at VSB and 2 years at UMD, USA
  • Option to pursue BS Business Analytics from Arizona State University (ASU), USA: 2 years at VSB and 2 years at ASU, USA for Business Analytics specialisation students

B.Com (Finance):

  • Blend of commerce and finance courses
  • Focus on accounting, auditing, taxation, financial reporting and financial management domains.
  • Opportunity to pursue CA (foundation and inter) professional certification along with B.Com
  • Enables students to pursue other professional certificates such as CMA and CFA



The VSB Advantage


Students can choose Business Analytics, Digital Marketing, Fintech or General Management as specialisation. As part of the specialisation, students will undergo practice oriented skill building courses leading to certifications in Business Analytics, Digital Marketing or Fintech.

VSB has International Credit Transfer Agreements with University of Michigan, Dearborn, USA (UMD) and Arizona State University, USA (ASU) leading to BBA from UMD and BS Business Data Analytics from ASU.








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