About Dr. S.S.Shanthakumari

Dr. S.S.Shanthakumari

Dr. S.S.Shanthakumari

Specialization Areas: Capital market,
Behavioural Finance, Financial Modelling,
Corporate Finance and Business Analytics  

Computer Science graduate with a Post Graduate degree in Management and PhD in financial management. Have more than a decade of Educational and administrative experience at eminent institutions. Expertise in formulation of curriculum, system and process to implement outcome-based education catering to the generation needs. Six Sigma knowledge and the experience in NBA, NAAC and AACSB process enhances in designing the quality metrics for the education excellence. Being an Emotional Intelligence Coach Practitioner (LEICP), Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner helps facilitate training and coaching of faculty and students. A career planning and team building expert using MBTI and Strong Inventory certification. The area of research focus being behavioural finance, corporate finance, financial analytics and financial risk modelling. Has published research articles, case studies and presented research papers in national and international conference. Has been resource person in eminent institutions and forums in the area of educational excellence, finance, research methods and psychology. Currently pursuing the PGP in Data science and Business Analytics.