About Dr Suhail Ahmad Bhat

Dr Suhail Ahmad Bhat

Dr Suhail Ahmad Bhat

Specialization Areas: Marketing Management,
Consumer Behaviour, Sustainable Development,
Research Methodology, and CRM.

Dr. Suhail Ahmad Bhat is assistant professor at the VSB, VIT-AP University, Amravati. His research interests include e-consumer behaviour, green marketing, social marketing, sustainable development, personal finance, CRM and different facets of CRM in the service industry. His qualifications include MBA, NET, M. Phil. Ph. D (University of Kashmir). He has more than 5 years of teaching experience and has previously worked in DMS, University of Kashmir. He has published 39 research papers and 2 book chapters in national and international journals such as International Journal of Bank Marketing, Online Information Review, Vikalpa, Decision, Global Knowledge, Memory and Communication, Vision, Journal of Financial Services Marketing, International Journal of Tourism Cities, South Asian Journal of Business Studies, FIIB Business Review, Paradigm, LBS Journal of Management & Research, Abhigyan, Productivity, etc.He has presented papers in 21 national and international conferences and attended 10 workshops on research methodology.

Dr. Suhail has also worked as Co-Principal Investigator of a project on ‘Service Quality Management in Community Health Centres in Jammu and Kashmir- Issues and Strategies’ funded by RUSA (19.96 lacs). He is also serving as the reviewer of journals such as South Asian Journal of Business Studies (SAJBS), Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logistics (APJML), International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management (IJCHM), European Journal of Marketing (EJM), Sage Open, Journal of Financial Services Marketing, Journal of Knowledge Economy, IEEE Consumer Electronics Magazine, FIIB Business Review, Journal of Business Administration Research, etc.


  • Some of the recent publications in journals are given below:
    • ★ • Mir, A.A., Sevukan, R, Gul, S., & Bhat, S.A. (2023). Exploring the perceived behaviour of social media users about the Ukraine-Russia conflict through the naturalistic observation of tweets. Social network Analysis and Mining, (online first), Springer Nature. ISSN: 18695469 (SCOPUS).
    • ★ • Lone, Y.R., Shah, U.U., Bhat, S.A., Mushtaq, R. & Gul, S. (2023). How publication timelines effect the impact metrics: studying the influence of submission to first decision and submission to acceptance on impact factor and 5-year impact factor of journals. Global Knowledge Memory and Communication, (online first), Emerald Insights Publishers. ISSN: 0024-2535 (ABDC “B” Category).
    • ★ • Darzi, M.A., Islam, S.B., Khursheed, S.O. and Bhat, S.A. (2023). Service quality in the healthcare sector: a systematic review and meta-analysis, LBS Journal of Management & Research, (online first), Emerald Insights Publishers. ISSN: 0972-8031.
    • ★ • Lone, U.M. & Bhat, S.A. (2022). Impact of Financial Literacy on Financial Well-being: A Mediational Role of Self-efficacy, Journal of Financial Services Marketing (online first), Springer Nature. ISSN: 1479-1846 (ABDC “B” Category).
    • ★ • Shah, U. U., Mushtaq, R., Bhat, S.A. & Gul, S. (2022). Does publication history influence the integrity of the journals: Studying Publication Timelines and their Impact on Journal Metrics? Online Information Review, (online first), Emerald Insights Publishers. ISSN 1468-4527. Impact Factor- 3.45. (ABDC “B” Category)
    • ★ • Bhat, S.A., Mir, A.A. and Islam S.B. (2022). Scale Purification and Validation: A Methodological Approach to Sustainable Online Retailing. Vikalpa: /The Journal of Decision Makers, 47(3), 217-234. Sage Publishers. ISSN: 02560909. (ABDC “C” Category)
    • ★ • Bhat, S.A., Islam, S.B. and Sheikh, A.H. (2021). Evaluating the Influence of Consumer Demographics on Online Purchase Intention: An E-Tail Perspective. Paradigm, 25(2), 141-160, Sage Publishers. ISSN: 09718907.
    • ★ • Bhat, S.A., Islam, S.B. and Lone, U.M. (2023). Antecedents and consequences of online buying behavior: a mediation study. South Asian Journal of Business Studies, 12(1), 54-78, Emerald Insights Publishers. ISSN 2398-628X. (ABDC “B” Category).