Anti-Ragging Committee

    VIT-AP does not support ragging on campus. The institute strictly prohibits any form of ragging and ensures severe action towards any such reported cases.
    The Anti-Ragging Committee comprises the following:

    1.Dr. Santanu MandalConvenor
    2.Mr. D. John PradeepMember
    3.Dr. Pankaj Balakrishna TambeMember
    4.Dr. N. Madhusudhana RaoMember
    5.Dr. Susmitha ShyamsundarMember
    Ms. Nimmy Rose JacobMember
    7.Ms. L. Sri LakshmiMember
    8.Mr. K. Sai BabuMember
    9.Mr. K. Chanti BabuMember
    10.Ms. D. SubhashiniMember
    11Dr. Tanuj KumarMember
    12Dr. Samir GokarnMember
    13Dr. Sonali RoyMember
    14Ms. Ashwini UmakantMember
    15Dr. Shikha PandeyMember
    16Mr. Nitesh AsaramjiMember
    17Dr. ShaliniMember
    18Mr. S. KarthikeyanMember
    19Dr. Nandam AshokMember
    20Mr. D.V.V. Prasad BattulaMember
    21Dr. Sudesh MangerMember

    Any case of ragging or any such mis-behaviour by any student can be reported by email or over phone or in person to any one of the members of the Anti-Ragging Committee (Contact: 7901091281 and Email id: All other teaching and non-teaching staff members also may bring the case of any ragging to the knowledge of the Convenor or any Member of the Committee.