Administrative Offices

Metric 6.2.1 – Administrative Offices


For a relatively new university, VIT-AP exemplifies unwavering dedication to providing quality higher education that matches international standards. The campus attracts students from across India and some foreign nations. Our dedicated faculty members, hailing from renowned institutions, are dedicated to nurturing students and fostering their growth as knowledgeable and skillful individuals. As a proud member of the esteemed VIT family, VIT-AP aims to set global standards in teaching and research, guiding our students towards a relentless pursuit of excellence. The unwavering dedication and enthusiasm of our highly motivated students inspire us to go above and beyond in supporting their aspirations to reach for the stars. Moreover, VITAP has established numerous collaborations with prestigious international universities through Memoranda of Understanding, creating abundant opportunities for exchange programs and joint research projects. VIT-AP continues to make steady progress, marching forward with determination towards a bright future.


Academics Office

The Academics Office oversees all the academic and curriculum related activities of the University. It meticulously formulates and designs the curricula for various programs, drawing upon extensive research into the latest syllabi adopted by renowned global universities. The office ensures the incorporation of global standards in curriculum development and implementation at VIT-AP. Furthermore, in close collaboration with the COE’s office, it effectively manages the preparation of question papers for all internal examinations conducted within VIT-AP.

Contact Us

Dean Academic,
Room NO:G-36, Ground floor AB1 Sarvepalli RadhaKrishna block,
VIT-AP University, Beside AP Secretariat,
Near Vijayawada, Ainavolu,
Andhra Pradesh – 522241,Extd:5157, 586, 5140
Contact: 0863-2370157

Admissions Office

The Admissions Office is responsible for overseeing the entire admissions process for undergraduate, postgraduate, and research programs. This entails collaborating with VIT-Vellore on entrance exams, namely VITEEE, VITMEE, and VITREEE, for undergraduate, postgraduate, and research programs respectively. Additionally, the office manages tasks such as candidate ranking, admission counselling, and verification of admission requirements.

Contact Us

Deputy Director Admissions,
Room NO:G30, AB1VIT-AP University,
Beside AP Secretariat, Near Vijayawada,
Ainavolu, Andhra Pradesh – 522241
Contact number : 0863 237044

Centre for Technical Support (CTS)

The Centre for Technical Support (CTS) is responsible for maintaining the regulations governing the utilisation of VIT-AP’s computing and IT communication resources. These policies encompass a wide range of resources managed by administrative departments, including the Library, Computer Laboratories, Institution Offices, Hostels, and Guest Houses where network facilities are provided by the Institution.

It is imperative that all faculty, students, staff, departments, authorised visitors, visiting faculty, and other individuals granted permission to use the IT Infrastructure adhere to the guidelines outlined in the IT Policy. Failure to comply with the IT policy established by VIT-AP may lead to disciplinary action being taken against the responsible party by the institution authorities.

The acceptable use policies are applicable to Employees, Students, as well as Vendors and Visitors. CTS has implemented various policies such as Procurement and Installation of Hardware, Network, and Software. The Email Use Policy ensures that employees and students are provided with email accounts, which are regularly reviewed and updated whenever modifications are made. The Website Hosting and Database Usage Policy follows a structured method and hierarchy to ensure systematic implementation.

Contact Us

Deputy Director CTS,
Room NO:201, AB2VIT-AP University,
Beside AP Secretariat, Near Vijayawada,
Ainavolu, Andhra Pradesh – 522241 Extd: 5451, 5006

Estates Office

The Estates Office is responsible for managing all aspects pertaining to the physical property of the institution. This includes the upkeep of the gardens and maintenance of the buildings. The office oversees the coordination, preparation, and allocation of venues for various events. The estates team is dedicated to the preservation and enhancement of VIT-AP’s campus, striving to maintain its aesthetic appeal and functionality.

Contact Us

Estates Room No- G-35(Ground Floor),
Block- Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan Academic Block (AB1),
VIT-AP University (Beside AP Secretariat) Near Vijayawada,
Ph: 0863 2375299

Finance Office

The accounts and finance office is located in the Mahatma Gandhi Block (Central Block) of our VIT-AP University. The office deals with all the fee collections from students like tuition fee, hostel fee, and all other academic related and payments related to academic, non-academic like infrastructure, Hostel related payments like room fee, mess fee etc. For any assistance Students / parents / vendors can visit to the finance office during office open hours.

Contact Us

Chief Finance Officer,
Room No: G – 1 (Ground Floor), Mahatma Gandhi Block (Central Block),
VIT-AP University Beside AP Secretariat,
Near Vijayawada Ainavolu – 522241 Andhra Pradesh,
Land Line : 91 – 863 – 2370949, 937, 938
Extn: 5937, 5938, 5949

International Relations

The International Relations Office (IRO) works to establish outreach and partnerships with foreign institutions. Along with being responsible for foreign student admissions, the office helps students for study abroad and transfer programs. The office facilitates faculty exchange, joint research collaboration, and conference organization with partner universities, in coordination with the Schools. The IRO works closely with IRO at VIT-Vellore, to foster VIT’s global academic cooperation.

Contact Us

Assistant Director,
International Relations 125 M, AB2 (1 st Floor),
VIT-AP University
Amaravati, Andhra Pradesh 522 241,
Phone: +91 863 2370702

Student Welfare Office

The Students Welfare Office efficiently oversees a range of student-related matters, including handling student permissions, ensuring the seamless execution of academic and non-academic events organised by students, and providing support to activities conducted by various clubs and chapters. The office also operates in close collaboration with the Student Council of the University to address and resolve the diverse concerns of students.

Contact Us

Deputy Director,
Student Welfare Room No:304,
3rd floor Mahatma Gandhi Block VIT-AP University,
Inavolu-522241 Andhra Pradesh,
contact:0863 2370136

Public Relations Office

The Public Relations Office promotes the university and its events. It documents and publicises events through the media. It also helps in organising major college festivals and work towards their success.

Contact Us

Chief PRO,
Room No: 212 Central Block,
VIT-AP University Beside AP Secretariat,
Near Vijayawada, 522 241,Inavolu, Andhra Pradesh.
Extn: 5953

Purchase Office

The Purchase office is tasked with handling all procurement activities on behalf of the University. It plays a crucial role during high-profile events, University Fests, and Club and Chapter events. By providing the necessary resources, the Purchase Office ensures the smooth and successful execution of these occasions.

Contact Us

Senior Purchase Officer,
Room No: 019 (Ground Floor) Mahatma Gandhi Block,
VIT-AP University Guntur-522241,
Phone: 91 – 863-2370945

Registrar Office

The Registrar’s Office at VIT-AP University is the administrative hub responsible for overseeing key administrative functions and providing essential student services.The Office collaborates with various departments to support institutional initiatives and enhance the overall academic experience at the University.

Contact Us

Room No: 06, Central Block, VIT-AP University
Beside AP Secretariat, Near Vijayawada,
522 241,Inavolu, Andhra Pradesh.
Extn: 5922, 5921, 5943.

Student Record section

The “Students’ Records Section” plays a pivotal role in managing and preserving essential documents throughout a student’s journey at the university and even beyond. It serves as a central repository for various records, starting from admission to program completion. Additionally, the section facilitates the distribution of semester-wise marksheets, as well as important certificates such as Transfer certificates, Consolidated Transcripts of marks, Provisional certificates, and original Degree certificates (presented during the annual Convocation). Moreover, it handles significant tasks such as issuing Bonafide and Migration certificates, Duplicate ID cards/tags, Railway concessions, and coordinating the application process for scholarships.

Contact Us

Section Supervisor,
Room No: 321 – Third Floor,
Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan Block (Academic Block -1),VIT-AP University,
Beside AP Secretariat, Near Vijayawada,
522 241,Inavolu, Andhra Pradesh.
Land Line: 91-0863-2370-321, 320 Extn: 5321, 5320

HR office

The Human Resources team at VIT-AP nurtures a progressive workplace culture that encourages and nurtures excellence among our faculty and staff. The HR office is committed to delivering high-quality HR services aimed at attracting, developing, motivating, engaging, and retaining a diverse workforce within a supportive and collaborative environment.

Contact Us

H.R Room,
G19 (Ground Floor) Mahatma Gandhi Block,
VIT-AP University, Guntur-522241,
Extn: 5948, 5035, 5940