VIT-AP Internships

VIT-AP has numerous internship programs where students can learn about professional fields and get first-hand experience of the work environment even before they reach the actual placements. We work very closely with the industry counterparts and also have a network established with corporates and other universities across the globe that enable our students to gain the experience required for their respective job area while being interns.

To boost the placement opportunities VIT-AP has the final semester as the Cooperative Education Programme (co-op). Co-op provides students the opportunity to explore and refine their potential career path. The experience the student gains from this long internship period, narrows the gap with the industry, builds valuable industry connections, broaden their perspectives of the job front, and acquire the skills and knowledge required to face the professional world. This co-op makes them strong contenders ready for their job role.

Internships for students of VIT-AP made its way when our first batch of students completed their first academic year. Most of our students went in for internships during the summer break of 2018. This pattern has been continuing in a very positive manner, that now, students register for internships right from their first year of joining a programme at VIT-AP. In 2018, we had students doing international internships at Europe, Colombo,Bahrain and USA. Now in 2020 we have almost all of our students doing internships both nationally and internationally. Among them are students who are now interning with AMAZON, VISA, VIRTUSA and other large corporates, where they are likely to be converted to an FTE (full time employment) offer based on their performance while being interns.

Vellore Institute of Technology promises all its students’ placements in established MNCs and Start-ups. The Career Development Centre Cell of VIT, or CDC Office, offers students a variety of opportunities in placement of jobs to choose from, after their course comes to an end. Companies, like Intel, eBay, Amazon, Dell, GE, Texas Instruments, Schneider Electric, DE Shaw & Co, Hitachi, HP, PayPal, Tata Motors, L&T, Dr. Reddy’s, Bosch, Deloitte, Morgan Stanley, Qualcomm, Ashok Leyland, Honda, Ford, Global Analytics, TCS, Cognizant, Accenture, Wipro, Infosys among others, actively take part in the placement and hiring processes with VIT.

The Placement in Vellore Institute of Technology starts from January and ends a year later when students have smiling faces and are secured a placement in leading MNCs with Cost to Company of more than 3 lakhs. The students would refer to the placement processes as a Mega Event and are excited to participate in it. The CDC cell makes sure that all the students are well-versed in Coding and aptitude skills, for better performance in the placement interviews. The Career Development Centre (CDC) help the students to prepare for placement interviews in technical and HR aspects by arranging meetings with professional trainers and VIT alumni. The Career Development Centre also ensures that the students are well-prepared in group discussions.

By July, the hiring companies arrive on the campus with offers to fulfill the dreams of the students by providing various placement opportunities. There is a wide range of job placements offered in campus recruitment from various companies. A lot of students are obtaining a placement in the Super Dream Offer while many are placed in Dream Offer.


International Internships

Career Development Centre has been instrumental in providing international internships and placement offers since 2015. They have placed at an average of 10 students every year in leading MNC’s at USA, UK, Ireland, Japan, China, Israel, Taiwan, UAE, Kenya, Germany, Nigeria and Italy.






Dr. Pradeep Reddy

Deputy Director
(Career Development Centre)
VIT-AP University
Beside AP Secretariat
Near Vijayawada, 522 237, Andhra Pradesh