Sponsored Research and Industrial Consultancy (SPORIC)


Sponsored Research and Industrial Consultancy (SpoRIC)



VIT-AP University provides a good ambience for Research through adequate research Infrastructure, faculty friendly support system and financial incentives to well deserving research of the University. With a wide diversity of research expertise existing at the University, VIT-AP University aims to strengthen the research activities of the university through a sound academic research, sponsored research, industrial consultancy and an entrepreneural culture Besides, VIT-AP University is also focusing on Industry-Academia interaction through their association with academic programs and industry sponsored centres of excellence. Our special emphasis is on nurturing our B.Tech student’s projects in order to identify patentable projects and improve their involvement in sponsored research projects & consultancy. It is the mandate of VIT-AP University is to develop a sound research ecosystem of which will empower the faculty and students in improving the collaborative research and consultancy with institutes of eminence and Industries of great reputation. With this backdrop, VIT-AP University has established a Sponsored Research and Industrial Consultancy Center (SPORIC). Thus VIT-AP University strives to achieve the vision that has been articulated for SPORIC and to became a resourceful centre for SPORIC in the country.

Sponsored Research & Industrial Consultancy Activities (SPORIC Activities)

The following proposals are construed to be SPORIC activities.

  • ★ Sponsored Research projects sanctioned by internal / external agencies.
  • ★ International Research collaborations which deal with international funding source.
  • ★ Industry sponsored projects from industry and consultancy undertaken with industry.
  • ★ Organizing International conferences / seminars / symposiums / workshops / continuing education programmes by the departments / schools for dissemination of knowledge related with sanctioned projects.
  • ★ VIT-AP University sponsored (RGEMS) grants to new faculty for initiating research with expected research output sequel to sponsored project or patent
  • ★ Generally, preference will be given for inter disciplinary and multi-disciplinary research proposals.



Dr. Manikanta Ravindra Kumar Vakkalagadda

Deputy Director