Is the 2 + 2 ITP applicable to all branches at VIT-AP?

Yes, it is applicable to all the branches at VIT-AP. 

Will ECE (VLSI) and ECE (Embedded Systems) students be eligible for ECE jobs?

Yes, they will be and will have the same placement opportunities. 

Will CSE (Data Analytics) and CSE (Networking & Security) students be eligible for CSE jobs?

Yes, they will be and will have the same placement opportunities. 

Are ITP and SAP available at VIT-AP?

International Transfer Programme allows you to complete the second half of your programme at a reputed international university. Semester abroad programme lets you study one semester abroad. Both opportunities are available at VIT-AP based on your performance.

What can you say about the curriculum of VIT-AP?

The curriculum is designed with inputs from industry and academia. It is ever-evolving and geared at keeping abreast with the latest developments in research and industry. In addition, Amaravati campus has a mandatory full semester co-op programme (internship). This will provide work experience to the students and boost their placement opportunities.

What are the placement opportunities at VIT-AP?

The VIT group has a Placement Centre that is the best in the country. The same placement cell is responsible for the placements of VIT-AP students also. The central placement cell and the placement officers located at VIT-AP will handle the placements with the same care we are best known for. Most companies are expected to visit Amaravati campus for recruitment. However, there might be a few companies for which a visit to Vellore might be required.

How would you describe VIT-AP’s International Relations?

Our experience of running VIT for the past 33 years in Vellore is being put to full use at VIT-AP at Amaravati. Like the Placement Centre, IR Office is also common to all VIT campuses. Our partnerships with reputed foreign universities like Purdue and RIT would continue at VIT-AP, thereby letting the students participate in programmes such as Semester Abroad Programme (SAP) with scholarships and 2+2 degree programmes through International Transfer Programme (ITP). Professors from universities abroad visit our Amaravati Campus to teach the students.

What can you say about the Alumni network?

The global VIT alumni network is of immense help to the VIT-AP students, as it is to other VIT campuses. You can find an alumni mentor in most companies and in most countries you visit.



What are the facilities for sports and extra-curricular activities?

There are various sports, clubs, chapters and vibrant activities to enable holistic development at VIT-AP. Many are student driven to develop leadership skills in them and aid overall growth of the students. The clubs and chapters include Debate Club, Dance Club, Dramatics Club, Photography Club,  Google Developers Club, Health and Wellness Club, Culinary Club and much more.

What transport facility is available for the students?

New WiFi enabled and secure buses are available for the students. Please see our website for bus routes.



What are the food options available to students in the hostels?

The mess is arranged in the ground floor of both boys and girls hostels, which provides both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. A canteen is available for day scholars. 

How often are outings permitted?

During weekends, outing permission is given to hostellers. 

What are the hostel facilities available?

Each hostel room is furnished with a cot, chair, reading table and cupboard. Provision stores are located in the hostels where students can buy essentials such as mattresses, pillows, buckets, mugs, locks, stationeries, books, soaps etc. The hostels are compounded with security detail and security cameras. Wardens are available 24×7. Doctor is also available.

How is the hostel room allotment done?

The allotment is done based on the preference of your room type and availability. The rooms are allotted on a first-come, first-served basis, after payment of hostel fees.



Is there a health centre in case of any emergency?

Yes, there is a health care centre and ambulance facility. 



Where is the VIT-AP campus located?

The campus is located at Inavolu, Amaravati which is about 2 km away from the AP secretariat.