About Dr. Kashif Beg

Dr. Kashif Beg

Dr. Kashif Beg

Specialization Areas: Accounting, Finance,
Microfinance, Interest Free Finance, Investment Management, Mutual Funds

Dr. Kashif Beg is Assistant Professor (senior grade 1) of Accounting & finance at School of Business (VSB) VIT AP, University. The topic of his research work is “A critical appraisal of Microfinance Institutions in India. A case study of Andhra Pradesh.” His area of specialization is Accounting and Finance specifically Financial Accounting, Cost Accounting, Management Accounting and Financial Management. He was awarded Travel Grant by University grant commission to attend international conference titled “Global conference on Economics and Management Science (GEMS-2015)” held at Penang, Malaysia. He has qualified UGC NET examination in commerce. He is passionate about quality research and committed to delivering results that will be beneficial for humanity.

  • ★ Beg K. & Bashir H. A. (2017). An Empirical Analysis of Factors affectingthe Loan Repayment Performance of Microfinance institutions. PacificBusiness Review International. 10 (2) 144153.Indexed in ESCI by Web of Science, UGC Care II.
  • ★ Beg K. (2016). Determinants of Financial Self Sufficiency of Andhra Pradesh Microfinance Institutions. Journal of Business and Financial Affairs 5: 209. doi: 10.4172/2167- 0234.1000209
  • ★ Beg K. (2016). Role of Microfinance in Eradication of Poverty: An Empirical Analysis from Uttar Pradesh. International Journal of Innovative Research and Development ISSN 2278–0211, 5(3).
  • ★ Beg K. & Khan M. Q. (2015).A Critical Appraisal of Microfinance institutions in India, e-Proceedings of the Economics and Management Science, 2015. (E-ISBN 978-967-0792-05-7).
  • ★ Beg K. (2018). Impact of Accounting Information System on the Financial Performance of Selected FMCG Companies, Asian Journal of Applied Science and Technology 2(3) 08-17.
  • ★ Beg K. (2019). A Review of existing Literature on Sustainability, Mission Drift and Loan Defaults, International Journal of Science and Management studiesE ISSN 2581- 5946 2(5) 7-16.


  • Conference Presentations
    • At Abroad: Presented paper entitled “A critical appraisal of microfinance institutions in India” in the “global conference on economics and management science (gems-2015)” Penang MALAYSIA.
    • Within India: Presented paper entitled “Role of Microfinance in poverty alleviation” inthe international conference on educational awareness for social sector issues in India held at times Institute of Management and engineering, Aligarh on 24 July, 2011.


  • Workshops and Training Programme Attended
    • ★ Participated in ten days Training Course in Research Methodology and Computer Applications in Commerce and Management Studies for Doctoral Scholars held at the Department of Commerce, Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh.
    • ★ Participated in author workshop organized by Springer Nature, entitled How to write and get publish in scientific journals held at Maulana Azad Library, A.M.U. Aligarh.
    • ★ Participated in One Day workshop on “Introduction to Data Science using statistica” organized by Department of Computer Engineering, Z.H. Collegeof Engineering & Technology, A.M.U, Aligarh.
  • Expertise
    • ★ Statistical Tools: Regression and Correlation, Pooled effect Regression model,fixed effect regression model and Random effect Regression model, Stepwise Regression, F test, Hausman test and Breusch pagan Test.
    • Software: Eviews, Gretl, SPSS, DEAP & Microsoft office
  • Awards
    • ★ 2015 Awarded Travel Grant by Aligarh Muslim University to attend international conference titled “Global conference on Economics and Management Science (GEMS-2015)” held at Penang, Malaysia
    • ★ 2014 Qualified UGC NET (2014)
    • ★ 2013 UGC- PhD fellowship for four years