At VIT-AP the entire teaching-learning process is concentrated around six schools. A student registers to a programme in one of the schools according to his or her interest. A research center is also part of the schools, that encourages students to participate in exciting research projects amongst these departments.

At VIT-AP, all schools have been carefully designed with the focus on curricular and co-curricular activities, industry requirements, and career. The emphasis is on autonomous learning to enable the students to chart their own course. This is achieved through a fully flexible credit system in which students select courses, faculty, and timings to befit their interests and aspirations. The pedagogy and design of curriculum for various programmes was carried out with valuable inputs from industry and academic experts. Each school is managed by experienced and caring faculty members who prepare students for a bright career, higher studies and research.

A unique mentoring scheme is in place at our institute, where, a faculty member is assigned to a group of students as a mentor. The mentor not only helps a student in making informed decisions about his academic progress but also acts as a local guardian. The students at VIT-AP are part of a digitized campus with e-wallet, Wifi, digital library, smart classrooms and much more. At present, VIT-AP has the following schools for students.