URE Projects (Undergraduate Research Experience)

The following is the list of URE001 (Undergraduate Research Experience) projects that have been successfully defended before the evaluation panels and recommended for the award of URE001 to be printed in their grade sheet.

S.NoProject CodeProject Name StudentsGuide
1URE001201901Analysis of Architectures: Memristor Bridge SynapseRohit Bhargav PeesaDr. Santanu Mandal
2URE001201907Face Recognition using Deep Neural NetworksVaranasi Amit Maheswar Dr. Purnachand Nalluri
3URE001201908 Accelerated VLSI Architecture for Deep Neural Networks K. Rajesh SaiDr. Purnachand Nalluri
4URE001201911 Analysis of Vertical Axis Wind Turbine for Domestic Consumers M. Sateesh Kumar Dr. Y.V. Pavan Kumar
5URE001201925Investigation on High-Gain Power Electronic DC-DC Converters for Renewable Energy ApplicationSunkara Udaykiran Dr. Y.V. Pavan Kumar
6URE001201912 Investigation on Classical PID Controller Design Methods A. Sree Vidya Dr. Y.V. Pavan Kumar
7URE001201913 Investigation on Intelligent Control Design MethodsV.N. Siva PraneethDr. Y.V. Pavan Kumar
8URE001201914 Modelling of Power Electronic Converters Based Renewable Energy Power System K. Sandeep RaoDr. Y.V. Pavan Kumar
9URE001201915 Investigation on Multilevel Inverters for Power Quality Improvement in Renewable Energy Systems G. Vivek Dr. Y.V. Pavan Kumar
10URE001201916 Development of Low-Cost Hardware-in-the-Loop Setup for Control of Power Electronic Converters P. Manoj KumarDr. Y.V. Pavan Kumar
11URE001201905 Block Memory Random Access using FPGAs Meda Meghana Dr. Purnachand Nalluri

Congratulations to all the candidates and guides for putting up a great effort. Many of these projects culminated in a Scopus indexed publication.