With a fast-growing 200 acre campus in the heart of Amaravati, the capital of Andhra Pradesh, the institute provides a comfortable and vibrant life on campus. In less than a year, our campus has two fully functional blocks, and three more coming up shortly. The aim is to create a green, educational and recreational space where learning is made meaningful and enjoyable.

    Academic Blocks

    Well-planned, aesthetically appealing and well – ventilated comprehensive infrastructure is the striking feature of VIT-AP. We now have two academic blocks at present, that are specialized buildings which cater to the holistic requirements of the teaching-learning process. Academic Block -1 called as the Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan Block and Academic Block – 2, which is yet to be named officially are available for students and faculty. The idea behind these separate blocks is to make every block equipped with the necessary amenities whilst providing the perfect atmosphere for both studies and research.


    The Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan Block now has the major administrative offices like the Chancellor’s Office, Admissions Office, Finance Office, and other Offices which are responsible for addressing student issues. Apart from these, it also houses the VIT-School of Business (VSB). All the major departments, like the Department of Computer Science, Department of Mechanical Engineering and Department of Electrical Engineering exist here. This block also consists of classrooms and well-designed labs providing the best facilities to students


    The AB2 has School of Sciences and Languages, which comprise of the Departments of Mathematics, Physics, and Languages. This block also has classrooms, labs, space for the auditorium.

    The details of the amenities present in the blocks are listed below.


    • AB1- 22 (no’s) @ 100 sq.m each
    • AB2- 23(no’s) @ 100 sq.m each

    Labs & Halls

  • Computer labs- 5 (no’s)@ 140 sq.m each
  • Language lab-1(no’s) @ 130 sq.m
  • computer centre- 1 (no’s)@ 164 sq.m
  • Electronics lab – 1(no’s) @ 164 sq.m
  • Workshop -1(no’s) @ 200 sq.m
  • Research scholar spaces – 2(no’s) @ 80 sq.m
  • Administrative spaces – Adequate
  • Seminar halls-AB1- 3(no’s) (Raman hall @ 120 sq.m, Einstein hall- 174 sq.m, Newton hall 400 sq.m)
  • Seminar Halls -AB2- 212 & 215 @ 189sq.m & 143 sq.m
  • Auditorium -1((no’s) AB2- 887 sq.m
  • Mechanical Labs- 8 (no’s)
  • ECE labs – 6(no’s)
  • The Built up area of AB1&AB2 is given below.

    Builtup Area: AB1

    1Ground floor3483.4537495.51
    2First floor3311.1535640.89
    3Second floor3726.1040107.37
    4Third floor3483.4537495.51
    5Fourth floor2503.2126944.30
    6Terrace floor130.711406.95
    Total 16638.07 179090.52

    Builtup Area: AB2

    1Ground floor 3350.5936065.42
    2First floor3271.2135211.00
    3Second floor3594.9638695.79
    4Third floor3350.5936065.42
    5Fourth floor3350.5936065.42
    6Terrace floor130.711406.95


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