The B.Tech. programme at VIT-AP is a prestigious skill-oriented professional programme. It aims to impart technical knowledge along with application of technology. The curriculum is designed in such a way that students are involved in developing new-age products and carry out various engineering projects. They work in multi-disciplinary areas in order to meet the needs of the society. The knowledge acquired in the programme enables the students to use modern engineering/software tools and equipment to solve real world problems. The programme creates a platform for application oriented learning and offers great opportunities for employment and entrepreneurship.


B.Tech. CSE

(Computer Science and Engineering)

About the Programme: The Computer Science and Engineering programme at VIT-AP is a unique blend of hardware and software, allowing students to gain knowledge about the concepts that...

B.Tech. CSE

(Specialization in Business Systems)

About the Programme: To address the growing need of engineering talent with skills in digital technology, TCS, in partnership with leading academicians across India, has designed a 4 years undergraduate...

B.Tech. ECE

(Electronics & Communication Engineering)

About the Programme: The objective of this programme is to learn the concepts of electronics and communication disciplines and apply them to solve real world problems in the industry. It emphasizes...


Mechanical Engineering

About the Programme: The undergraduate programme in Mechanical Engineering has a strong focus over the design of mechanical systems and hands-on experience. The programme includes in-depth study of thermal,...