About Dr. Shaiku Shahida Saheb

Dr. Shaiku Shahida Saheb

Dr. Shaiku Shahida Saheb

Specialization Areas: Financial Accounting, Accounting Information Systems, Financial Management, Cost and Management Accounting, Financial Reporting, Auditing, Corporate Governance and Research Methods.

Dr.Shaiku Shahida Saheb is an Associate Professor at VSB in VIT-AP University. He had a Doctorate degree in Financial Management along with Master of Philosophy, Master of Business Administration and Master of Commerce. Qualified UGC NET in Management and Commerce, AP SET in Commerce.

He was started his teaching career as lecturer at Dr.Zakir Husain College of Arts and Science in the year 2000, He had 20 years of teaching experience in National and International Institutions including 7 years of International teaching experience. He worked at Ethiopian Civil Service University, Addis Ababa Ethiopia and in Maldives. He also served at engineering institutions and universities named National Institute of Technology, Srinagar and Lovely Professional University, Punjab.

He was trained in case study of method of teaching and his teaching pedagogy includes blended learning of Practical, Case Study and outcome based teaching methods. Experienced in modular system of teaching with European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) at Ethiopia.

Acted as a chairperson for curriculum development. Trained in International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and International Public Sector accounting standards (IPSAS). Trained and taught Civil Servants as part of foreign assignment. Taught specifically Accounting, Finance and Research courses at under graduate and post graduate levels in India and aboard.

Published research papers in International Journals including Scopus Journals. Published books on Public expenditure management and Value added taxes. His interests area of research is Financial Reporting, banking, risk management, auditing, and corporate governance. He received best research paper award in international conference at NIT, Srinagar and nominated for the best expatriate recognition award in Ethiopian Civil Service University.

He has guided more than 100 Master level thesis and projects in his career at institution in India and abroad. He was acted supervisor for Ph.D students at Lovely Professional University, Punjab. He was a co-guide to a Ph.D scholar at Ethiopian Civil Service University.