Engineering Clinics


As a part of the curriculum, VIT-AP University is offering few credit courses entitled “Engineering Clinics” which aim at project-based learning to the first and second-year students. Inter-disciplinary teams formed by students choose a topic to work with and develop prototypes.

To provide a platform to showcase their talents VIT-AP University is conducting Engineering Clinics Expo every semester and inviting industrial experts as review panel members to assess their skills and to add their suggestions and comments to refine and revamp their models.

The expert panel assesses the presentations given by the students, and their answers during interaction sessions after each presentation and finally selects top-3 projects. To encourage young talents, VIT-AP University is reimbursing all the expenses incurred in building those top-3 projects.


The concept of Engineering Clinics is drawn from the idea that engineers too require a place to get hands on expertise of knowledge gained from the courses studied in class, just as their medical counterparts. The only difference in this kind of clinic is hands-on experience with no consequence of objects destroyed, unlike their medical counterparts. Salient Points

  • • A ‘First in the Country’, hands-on course in every semester.
  • • A theme based practical learning in every semester carrying credits.
  • • Multi-disciplinary group (students from all programmes) of 5-6 students.
  • • Groups can select to work on a specific topic from a large group (140-150) of tasks, or projects related to real world problems.
  • • Each group has a faculty coordinator/Instructor who will guide/evaluate the overall group as well as individual students.
  • • The students have to display their model in the ‘Engineering Clinics Expo’ at the end of semester.


  • Fall Semester

    Fall Semester 2019-2020 Projects

  • Winter Semester

    Winter Semester 2018-2019 Projects

  • Winter Semester

    Winter Semester 2017-2018

  • Fall Semester

    Fall Semester 2017-2018 Projects