Engineering Clinics


    The concept of Engineering Clinics is drawn from the idea that engineers too require a place to get hands on expertise of knowledge gained from the courses studied in class, just as their medical counterparts. The only difference in this kind of clinic is hands-on experience with no consequence of objects destroyed, unlike their medical counterparts. Salient Points

    • • A ‘First in the Country’, hands-on course in every semester.
    • • A theme based practical learning in every semester carrying credits.
    • • Multi-disciplinary group (students from all programmes) of 5-6 students.
    • • Groups can select to work on a specific topic from a large group (140-150) of tasks, or projects related to real world problems.
    • • Each group has a faculty coordinator/Instructor who will guide/evaluate the overall group as well as individual students.
    • • The students have to display their model in the ‘Engineering Clinics Expo’ at the end of semester.


    • Winter Semester

      Winter Semester 2018-2019 Projects

    • Winter Semester

      Winter Semester 2017-2018

    • Fall Semester

      Fall Semester 2017-2018 Projects