Engineering Clinics

Engineering Clinics
A Project-Based Learning Approach to Engineering Education

VIT-AP University is offering a unique project-based learning courses called “Engineering Clinics”. These courses provides students with the opportunity to gain hands-on experience with the engineering concepts and principles they learn in the classroom, while also developing their critical thinking, problem-solving, and teamwork skills.

Students form interdisciplinary teams and choose a topic to work on, developing a prototype that addresses the problem at hand. At the end of the semester, students showcase their prototypes at the Engineering Clinics Expo, where industrial experts assess their work and provide feedback. The top three projects are awarded reimbursement for all expenses incurred.



Engineering Clinics Salient Features:

  • ✩ Project-based learning courses offered every semester.
  • ✩ Themed, hands-on learning with credits.
  • ✩ Encourages interdisciplinary collaboration of students from all programs.
  • ✩ Faculty mentors guide and evaluate each group.
  • ✩ Engineering Clinics Expo showcases projects at the end of each semester.


Benefits to students:

  • ✩ Increased engagement and motivation
  • ✩ Deeper learning and understanding of content
  • ✩ Improved critical thinking and problem-solving skills
  • ✩ Enhanced creativity and innovation
  • ✩ Increased collaboration and teamwork skills
  • ✩ Chance to improve communication and presentation skills
  • ✩ Hands-on experience with engineering concepts and principles
  • ✩ Opportunity to showcase student talent
  • ✩ Opportunity to learn from and be assessed by industrial experts
  • ✩ Networking opportunities with students, researchers, and industry experts
  • ✩ Chance to convert ideas to prototypes, prototypes to products
  • ✩ Chance to convert ideas to patents and startups
  • ✩ Chance to publish their research findings
  • ✩ Enhance the chances of winning prizes at hackathons and makethons


Facilities provided @ Engineering Clinics labs:

Engineering Clinics labs provide students with the required state-of-the-art equipment and resources that they can use to design, build, and test their prototypes.

Computer Lab

Electronics Workstation 2

Electronics Workstation 3

Locker Room

Meeting Room

PCB Proto Type Machine 1

Soldering Table 1

Soldering Table 2

TOMLOV Digital Micro Scope

Lab Area

Drilling Area