Academic Calendar


Academic Calendar of Fast Track FALL 2022-23 Semester


The following points have to be noted

  • 1. The Fast-Track FALL semester is mandatory for final year students of M.Tech. VLSI Design (21MVD), M.Tech. (Intg. 5 Year) Software Engineering (18MIS) and all final year B.Tech. programmes (19BCE, 19BCD, 19BCN, 19BCI, 19BEC, 19BES, 19BEV and 19BME)
  • 2. The semester will have six class days per week
  • 3. Students who completed the course requirements of the Curriculum except Capstone/ Internship/ SDP (Project courses) need not report to the campus. However, they can register for the Project courses during Fast-Track FALL semester by identifying the guide and applying to the School Committee on Internships (SCI) wherever applicable
  • 4. All Project courses shall be executed in online mode by strictly following the review schedules that will be released shortly
  • 5. The students can register into course offered in Short/ Long Summer semesters concurrently with the Fast-Track FALL semester provided the slots are not clashing



Academic Calendar WIN 2021-22 Semester for Seniors, Juniors, Sophomores and Freshers



Academic Calendar of WINTER 2021-22 Semester for Freshers of EAPCET Batch

The following points have to be noted

  • 1. The semester will commence in online mode
  • 2. The students should make travel arrangements and report to on-campus classes from the date mentioned in above schedule
  • 3. Once the classes start on-campus, the online classes will be suspended permanently
  • 4. The internal examinations consist of a CAT and continual assessments (quizzes/ assignments)