Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) – SPORIC


Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for Sponsored Research and Industrial Consultancy (SPORIC)

The Standard operating procedures for Sponsored Research and Industrial Consultancy cell of VIT-AP University are listed below. All the faculty members are requested to adhere to these procedures in order to streamline all the activities of SPORIC.

SPORIC will provide technical and/or administrative support for all the activities given below.

  • ★ Sponsored Research projects by various sponsoring agencies at National / International level.
  • ★ International Research Collaboration with funding services.
  • ★ Sponsored projects from Industry and Consultancy undertaken with Industry.
  • ★ Organizing International conferences / seminars / symposiums / workshops / continuing education programmes by departments / schools.
  • ★ Sponsored projects with seed money sanctioned by the VIT-AP university under the RGEMS Scheme.


Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)


The below detailed guidelines would be followed by the SPORIC cell for approval of proposals being submitted to any sponsoring agency.

  • ★ The staff members can send the expression of Interest mail to SPORIC Co-ordinator including the tentative title of the project, proposed area and the sponsoring Agency and the last date for submission.
  • ★ SPORICCo-ordinator will consolidate and send to the Director, SPORIC. The Director, SPORIC may suggest alternative sponsoring agency if needed, in consultation with the faculty concerned.
  • ★ The faculty are advised to download the template for the project submission by the sponsoring agency and prepare the preliminary project proposal draft and send to the Director, SPORICfor further action, at least fifteen days prior to the last date for proposal submission.
  • ★ The Director, SPORIC scrutinizes the project proposal and may call the faculty concerned to explain the project in detail before the Institute level committee constituted by the Vice-Chancellor.
  • ★ The Vice-Chancellor is the Chairman and SPORIC Co-ordinator is the Member- Secretary for the Institute level committee. The committee may give suggestions for the refinement of the projects and shall assess the worthiness of the project.
  • ★ The committee has the right to recommend or decline the project for submission.
  • ★ The staff shall submit the modified project to the Director, SPORIC for final processing.
  • ★ The Director, SPORIC shall provide necessary endorsement letters required by the Sponsoring Agency.
  • ★ SPORIC shall maintain a database of all the details of the project from its sanction till completion
  • ★ Further follow up action will be undertaken by SPORIC office.

The above operating procedures may be subjected to need based change and the same will be intimated to all.


  • Dr. S. V. Kota Reddy
  • Vice Chancellor