Sanctioned Sponsored Projects – SPORIC

Sanctioned Sponsored Projects


S. No School Faculty
(PI & Co-PI)
Project Title Amount Sanctioned
(Lakh INR)
Duration Sanctioned Agency Status
1 SMEC Dr. Rama Sreekanth P S Fabrication, Characterization   and evaluation of design parameter variability of polymer nanocomposite   sandwich beams with gradient cell size honeycomb core for obtaining graded   beam properties 30.36 2 Years SERB Completed
2 SENSE Dr. Ravindra Dhuli Investigation of Ionospheric   irregularities using coherent radar imaging 16.69 2 Years ISRO-RESPOND Ongoing
3 SAS-Chemisty Dr. Selvakumar K A supramolecular approach to improve the efficiency of enzyme mimic   catalysis 19.55 5 Years DST Ongoing
4 SENSE Dr. Y.V.Pavan Kumar Investigation on Methods to   Improve Transient Response of Microgrids using Virtual Inertia Mechanisms for   seamless synchronization with Utility Grid 32.82 2 Years SERB Ongoing
5 SMEC Dr. Rama Sreekanth P S Development of Recycled Plastics   Based Composite Roof Tiles with used face mask, phase change material and   bovine waste. 10 1 Year Dassault Systems Ongoing
6 SCOPE Dr. Sibi Chakravathy & Mr.   Pranav Kompally Vinci X Health Monitoring   Garment NexGen Fitness and Health Tech 10 1.5 Years NIDHI Praya -iITC Foundation, IIT   Hyderabad Ongoing