Sanctioned Sponsored Projects – SPORIC

S. No PROJECT TITLE Names of PI & Co-PIs Amount Sanctioned (Lakh INR) Date of Sanction Sanctioned Agency Status
1 GPU Accelerated Security Systems Dr. Sibi Chakkravarthy NVIDIA Titan Xp Graphics Card, 11GBVRAM 22-06-18 NVIDIA Completed
2 FDM Based 3D Printing Dr. P.S.Rama Sreekanth 0.9 21-04-18 Additive manufacturing Pvt Limited Ongoing
3 Optimizing Process Parameters for shape memory polymer Dr. P.S.Rama Sreekanth 0.6 07-08-18 Disha Impex pvt Limited Ongoing
4 FPGA Development (Add on Module with PCIe or USB) Dr. Purnachand Nalluri,
Dr. Sudha Ellison Mathe &
Dr. D. John Pradeep
2.0 11-08-22 Efftronics Systems Pvt ltd. Sanctioned
5 Ethernet Dr. S. M. A. K. Azad,
Mr. M. Ganesh Lakshmana Kumar &
Dr. Y. V. Pavan Kumar
2.0 11-08-22 Efftronics Systems Pvt ltd Sanctioned
6 ZigBee Dr. Samineni Peddakrishna,
Dr. Subhasish Mahapatra &
Dr. P. Siva Ramakrishna
2.0 11-08-22 Efftronics Systems Pvt ltd. Sanctioned
7 GPU Development Dr. Nileshchandra Kalbarao Pikle,
Dr. Snehal Shinde &
Dr. Rohit Das
2.0 11-08-22 Efftronics Systems Pvt ltd. Sanctioned
8 Android Native Development (UI Emphasis) Dr. Hussain Syed,
Dr. D. Khasim Vali &
Dr. Asish Kumar Dalai
2.0 11-08-22 Efftronics Systems Pvt ltd Sanctioned
9 Desktop Application Development (C#) – Communication Emphasis Dr. K. S. Arikumar,
Mr. M. Mohammed Iqbal &
Dr. M. M. Venkata Chalapthi
2.0 11-08-22 Efftronics Systems Pvt ltd. Sanctioned
10 Oracle Database 19c Dr. D. Sumathi,
Dr. E. Ajith Jubilson &
Dr. S. Gopikrishnan
2.0 11-08-22 Efftronics Systems Pvt ltd. Sanctioned
11 Power BI – Features Exploration and Implementation Dr. Kuppusamy P,
Dr. Mohamed Sirajudeen &
Dr. Mehfooza Munavar Basha
2.0 11-08-22 Efftronics Systems Pvt ltd Sanctioned
12 4G/LTE Communication Dr. Anoop Kumar Mishra,
Dr. Umakanta Nanda &
Dr. Kumar Debasis
2.0 11-08-22 Efftronics Systems Pvt ltd. Sanctioned
13 Ceramic coating Ecodrarn and surfactants (boost Up)(Product Testing & Enhancement) Dr. Pankaj Tambe 0.10 17-09-22 VKR EcoSands Systems Sanctioned
14 Expert & consultant support for fabrication and Characterization of UHMWPE/MWCNT nono-composites Dr. P S Rama Sreekanth 2.27 24-11-22 AICTE project sanctioned to RVR&JC College of Engineering Sanctioned
15 Computerized data Sharing and collection Dr. Prabha Selvaraj 0.59 12-01-23 Tamilnadu Govt. Sanctioned
16 Computer-aided Diagnosis (CAD) system for Ovarian Classification Dr.V.Surendra Reddy 0.59 01-02-23 Sreya Hospitals & LVF centre Sanctioned



S. No PROJECT TITLE Names of PI & Co-PIs Amount Sanctioned(Lakh INR) Date of Sanction Duration Sanctioned Agency & Scheme Status
1 Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing of Zinc for Bio-medical Applications Dr. Suyog Jhavar 44.53 16-02-2023 3 Years SERB-CRG Ongoing
2 Fabrication, Characterization and evaluation of design parameter variability of polymer nanocomposite sandwich beams with gradient cell size honeycomb core for obtaining graded beam properties Dr. P.S.Rama reekanth 12.42 29-09-2017 3 Years SERB-YSS Completed on 08-10-2020
3 Investigation of Ionospheric irregularities using coherent radar imaging Dr. Ravindra Dhuli 16.69 31.05.2018 2 Years ISRO Ongoing
4 A supramolecular approach to improve the efficiency of enzyme mimic catalysis Dr. Selvakumar K 19.55 15.10.2019 5 Years DST-Inspire Faculty Fellowship Ongoing
5 Investigation on Methods to Improve Transient Response of Microgrids using Virtual Inertia Mechanisms for seamless synchronization with Utility Grid Dr. Y.V.Pavan Kumar 32.82 14.12.2019 2 Years SERB-SRG Ongoing
6 Permutation codes over ring under certain poset metric Ms. Rohini Baliram More 18.00 12.01.2020 5 Years DST-INSPIRE Fellowship Ongoing
7 Development of Recycled Plastics Based Composite Roof Tiles with used face mask, phase change material and bovine waste. Dr. P.S.Rama Sreekanth 10.00 16.03.2021 2 Year Dassault Systems Ongoing
8 A Novel experimental study on the effect of background fuel vapour cancelation on the evaporation of fuel droplet at Nilotic thermodynamic conditions applicable for digest contention devices Dr. Manas Kumar Pal 28.77 31-12-21 2 Years SERB-SRG Ongoing
9 Charge Carrier Recombination Dynamics and Electron-Phonon Coupling in Two Dimensional Load Halide perovkskites Dr. Tufan Ghosh 24.59 08-12-21 2 Years SERB-SRG Ongoing
10 Enhancement of Transient Performance in Voltage Source Inverter Based Microgrids Using Virtual Inertia Mechanism Dr. Y.V.Pavan Kumar 16.25 12-05-22 6 Months SERB-SIRE Ongoing
11 Self-assembled metallo-cage integrated stimuli responsive soft materials Dr. Soumyakanta Prusty 29.29 19-09-22 2 Years SERB-SRG Ongoing
12 Guiding the mobile pollution check vehicle to place accurate location using Deep Learning techniques PI: Dr. Prabha Selvaraj
Co-PIs: Dr. K Ganesh Reddy &
Dr. S Sudheer Mangalampalli
Product Grant: Microsoft 365 admin console (Microsoft Azure) 22-11-22 10 Years (License Period of the product received) Divas Centre for Scientific Research Ongoing