Sanctioned RGEMS Projects Ongoing/Completed (School wise) – SPORIC

Sanctioned RGEMS Projects Ongoing/Completed (School wise)


The Sanctioned RGEMS Projects in School wise from 2017-2021


S. No School Faculty Name Project Title
(Duration One year)
Amount Sanctioned (INR) Status of the Project
1 SAS Dr. Santhanu Mandal Memristor based neuromorphic   architecture for image processing 50,000 Completed
2 Dr. Anubendu Adhikary Reduction of N2 with Transition Metal Hydrides 70,000 Completed
3 Dr. Tufan Ghosh Investigation of electron-phonon   coupling in two-dimensional lead halide perovskites 60,000 Ongoing
4 Dr. Sabeel M Basheer Development of chemosensors by   structurally modified thiosemicarbazones 78,000 Ongoing
5 Dr. S. Srinivas Mathematical Modelling of some   Non-Newtonian Fluid Flows over a Stretching Sheet 55,000 Completed
6 Dr. M. Venkatrajam Analysis of Structural Attacks   on Code-Based Cryptosystems 60,000 Completed
7 Dr. M. Phani Kumar Non-Newtonian Fluid Past a Drop   with Slip Condition 40,000 Completed
8 Dr. M.Sudhakar Modeling of electromagnetic   rectangular waveguide for high power applications 50,000 Completed
9 Dr. Satyanarayana Badeti Investigation of hydro magnetic   boundary layers in rotating flows with injection and suction 60,000 Completed
10 Prof. Nikunja Bihari Barik Multilevel compact integrated   radial basis function methods for Navier-Stokes equations in curvilinear   geometry with unbonded flows 60,000 Completed
11 Prof. Manoj Kumar Mishra Bio nano fluid convection within   a Channel 50,000 Completed
12 Dr. Bhupesh Dutt Sharma Study of Blood through porous   Arterial Wall in presence of Magnetic field 60,000 Completed
13 Dr. Tanuj Kumar A pair of linear canonical   Hankel transforms on some Function spaces. 50,000 Ongoing
14 Dr. Shikha Pandey Approximation using linear   positive operators and its applications 50,000 Ongoing
15 Ms. Rashmi Dubey Investigating The Stability Of A   Buoyancy-Driven Power-Law Fluid Flow Through An Inclined Porous Layer 50,000 Ongoing
16 Dr. J. Sudagar Extended Life of Components   through High Entropy Alloy Coating for Engineering Applications. 55,000 Completed
17 Dr. S.K. Khadeer Pasha Synthesis and Characterization   of Graphene Quantum Dots (GQD) Based Polymer Nanocomposites for Sensor   Applications 80,000 Completed
18 Dr. Debajit Goswami Role of molecular motors,   passive cross linkers and filaments in the cellular cytoskeleton 60,000 Completed
19 Dr. Anita Sagadevan Ethiraj Metal oxide nanoparticles from   bio-waste’s for Clean Energy Applications 60,000 Completed
20 Dr. N. Madhusudhana Rao Growth and characterization of   CulnO2 thin films for Optoelectronic applications 59,000 Completed
21 Dr. Manmadharao Banki Photocatalytic Conversion of   Carbon Dioxide into Renewable Hydrocarbon Fuels using ZnFe2O4 Nano arrays 59,500 Completed
22 Dr. Roopas Kiran Sirugudu Analysis of Anisotropic   Nano-Composites for Vibration Energy Harvester Applications 60,000 Completed
23 Dr. NANDAM ASHOK Large Mode Area Optical Fibers   For High Power Fiber Laser Applications 66000 Ongoing
24 SCOPE Dr. Soubhagya Sankar Barpanda Hyperspectral image Analysis   using Filter Banks 50,000 Completed
25 Prof. Ajith Jublilson Honeytrap to mitigate ransomware   attacks 55,000 Completed
26 Prof. Karthikeyan S Health DRONE – A Drone Assisted   Healthcare Service 55,000 Completed
27 Prof. Sibi Chakkaravarthy Pen testing Healthcare Wearables   using Drones 60,000 Completed
28 Dr. Anupama Namburu Automatic Forest Fire detection   using autonomous flying hovers 60,000 Completed
29 Dr. B. Srinivasa Rao Hyperspectral Imaging Cancer   detection using Innovative filters and Machine Learning Techniques 44,000 Completed
30 Dr. Karri Ganesh Reddy Optimal Routhing in Zigbee   wireless mess networks 35,400 Completed
31 Dr. S. Gopikrishnan Architecture for Hybrid IoT node   with Solar Energy Harvesting 49,321 Completed
32 Dr. Nandha Kumar.R Offloading Agglomerative Co-operative with minimum intensity in fog   computing 50,000 Completed
33 Dr.S.Sudhakar Ilango IoT Based Borewell Rescue Robot   System Using Computer Vision and Imitation Learning 50,000 Completed
34 Dr. Hari Kishan Kondaveeti Analysis of Electrical Nerve   Impulses in Humans And Plants 60,000 Ongoing
35 Dr.J.Harikiran Human Detection and Motion   Analysis from a Unmanned Arial Vehicle   (UAV) using Machine Learning Techniques 68,000 Ongoing
36 Dr. D.Sumathi Detection Of Sarcasm Using   Machine Learning Algorithms 50,000 Ongoing
37 SENSE Dr. N. Purnachand High Speed VLSI Architecture for   Fast Motion Detection and Estimation in Smart Surveillance Systems 65,000 Completed
38 Prof. Sudha Ellison Mathe Universal Controller for   Electrical and Electronic Appliances 49,900 Completed
39 Dr. Nandeesh Kumar Automatic Bike Blazer Using a   STM32F746NG Microcontroller and a Liner Motor 60,000 Ongoing
40 Prof. Ganesh Laxman Kumar Blink Restoration System fro   Unilateral Patients 53,000 Completed
41 Prof. Anoop Kumar Misra Impact of RF impairments and   imperfect channel estimates in cooperative communication 60,000 Completed
42 Dr. Umakanta Nanda Smart Power Theft Detection   System 50,000 Completed
43 Dr. Deepak. Ch Internet of Things (loT) in the   future of smart machine condition monitoring 60,000 Ongoing
44 Prof. Deepak Kumar Panda Development of highly linear   Enhancement – mode Ferroelectric GaN MOS-HEMT for Wireless and RADAR   application 50,000 Completed
45 Dr. Jayendra Kumar Frequency and pattern diversity   micro strip antenna for mobile communication systems 50,000 Completed
46 Dr.V. Sunnydayal Mechine-learning based Audio   source separaion 41,300 Completed
47 Prof. John Pradeep Reinforcement Learning based   Brushless dc motor control for Quadcopter applications 30,108 Completed
48 Dr. Arun Kumar Sinha Design and development of a Low   Power Energy Harvesting Integrated Circuit and System 60,000 Completed
49 Prof. M. Kalyan Chakravarthi Development of Closed Loop   Control System for Converter Control in Micro grids 60,000 Completed
50 Dr. Y.V.Pavan Kumar Design of Power Conversion Loop   for Micro Grids Research 60,000 Completed
51 Dr. Amarjit Roy Computer-aided glaucoma   diagnosis: classification of stages using hybrid multiclass SVM-CNN model. 50,000 Ongoing
52 Dr. Sunkesula Moulana Abdul   Kalam Azad An investigation of an ad-hoc   network on Industrial Internet of Things 43,740 Ongoing
53 Dr. Chandu DS Investigations on Miniaturized   Antenna Configurations for Asymmetric Heating Patterns in Tumor Destruction. 48,970 Ongoing
54 Dr. Rohit Lorenzo Leakage power minimization   techniques in SRAM circuit and System 50,000 Ongoing
55 Dr.Bappadittya Roy Design, Fabrication and   Characterization of slotted Antenna for 5G Application 63,000 Ongoing
56 Dr. LAKHAN DEV SHARMA Analysis Of Electrocardiogram   Signal Response To Music as a Stimulus. 70800 Ongoing
57 SMEC Dr. B. Pankaj Tambe Neural Rubber Toughened Poly   (Latic Acid)/ Polycarbonate Blend and its Nanocomposites for Automotive   Interior Applications 50,000 Completed
58 Dr. P.S.Rama Sreekanth Investigation of the Role of   Multidimensional Carbon Based Nano fillers and ceramic Nano fillers in   Restricting Radiation Damage and Thermal Cycling Effects of Epoxy Carbon   Fibre Reinforced Composites for Space Application 66,000 Completed
59 Dr. Manikanta Ravindra Kumar V Experimental Investigation of   Ultrasonic Welding on Non-metallic Materials 45,000 Completed
60 Prof. Amit Kumar Microstructure and texture   development during cold rolling in two phase UNS S32760 stainless steel 50,000 Ongoing
61 Dr. Dillip Kumar Mohanty Performance and Emission   Analysis of CI Engines with various biodiesel blends 65,000 Ongoing
62 Dr. Ambuj Sharma Investigation of mechanical   properties of modified epoxy matrix composites with coated carbon fiber   reinforcement for Advanced Structural Applications. 80,000 Ongoing
63 VISH Dr. Karthika V.K. Developing Bilingual audio   stories for developing listening and speaking skills of visually challenged   study 60,000 Completed
64 Dr. Susmitha Shyamsundar An EAP Needs Analysis for   Engineering Students Pursuing Integrated Programmes 30,000 Completed
65 Prof. Chandreie Mukherjee The Science in Science Fiction:   An interface between the sublime and grotesque 60,000 Completed
66 Prof. Tannistha Dasgupta Creation of Al based Tools for   Assessment of Speaking 42,331 Ongoing
67 Dr. Thahiya Afzal Assessing the Common Errors in   English Language made by late second language learners: A corpus based study 54,000 Completed
68 Dr. Madhulika Sahoo Life beyond boundaries: A cross   sectional study on indigenous healing and coping among the displaced and   non-displaced tribals during COVID-19 pandemic in India 60,000 Ongoing
Total 37,67,370