Electronics & Communication Engineering

School of Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) is established to train young minds to foster innovation and advancements in the fields of Device Design, VLSI, IoT Applications, and Communications. The young minds are taught to employ the knowledge they gather, in providing solutions to social and industrial needs.

The school offers three undergraduate programs and one postgraduate programme :–

  • ECE
  • ECE-ES (specialization in Embedded Systems)
  • ECE-VLSI (specialization in VLSI).
  • The school is endowed with highly-qualified, experienced, committed and caring faculty members from reputed universities across the globe. The school also takes pride in the state-of-the art labs used for research and teaching.

    The programmes offered under Electronics & Communications Engineering (ECE) are meticulously designed with a strong real-world application and industrial relevance. They range from the application of science in transforming semi-conductor materials as usable devices which may be used to create “smart” innovative products, to enabling students design efficient, affordable, means and mechanisms of communicating information. At present, the following programmes are offered at the undergraduate level.


Electronics & Communication Engineering

About the Programme: The objective of this programme is to learn the concepts of electronics and communication disciplines and apply them to solve real world problems in the industry. It emphasizes the...

B.Tech. ECE

(Specialisation in VLSI)

About the Programme: The objective of this programme is to provide a student with comprehensive knowledge of VLSI circuits and systems which is essential for electronics chip manufacturing industry....

B.Tech. ECE

(Specialisation in EMBEDDED SYSTEMS)

About the Programme: The objective of the undergraduate programme B.Tech. ECE (with Specialization in Embedded Systems ) is to provide a versatile education in embedded systems. The programme...



In the post-graduation programme M.Tech VLSI, students are allowed to pursue the course from schools of Electronics Engineering, VITAP. The entry into these programmes occurs by successfully getting through...