Computer Science & Engineering

Vision: To become one of the world’s premier teaching and research Schools in Computer Science and Engineering.

Mission: The School aims at imparting fundamental concepts in the core and emerging areas of Computer Science and Engineering and produce skilled, qualified, competent and ethical computer professionals with the ability to meet the demands of industry and society and also lead in academics, industry and community.
The Department of Computer Science and Engineering was established in 2017. It has become School of Computer Science and Engineering in January, 2019. At present the School is headed by Dr. Hari Seetha. It has 1187 students, 20 faculty and 21 research scholars.
The School has qualified and committed faculty members who offer impressive instruction in a variety of modes, exploring experiential learning approaches and new pedagogical methods in order to provide proper learning to students. The school provides necessary infrastructure, hardware and software to support the faculty for their continuous learning and research.

The School offers 4 undergraduate programmes and 2 postgraduate programmes viz.,

  • B.Tech (Computer Science and Engineering).
  • B.Tech (CSE with specialization in Data Analytics).
  • B.Tech (CSE with specialization in Networking and Security).
  • B.Tech (with specialization in Artificial Intelligence).
  • M.Tech(CSE-2years)
  • Five year integrated programme- M.Tech (Software Engineering).

From Academic Year 2019-20, the school is to offer B.Tech (Computer Science and Engineering with specialization in Artificial Intelligence).
The curriculum and syllabi of these programmes are designed to impart competencies and skills required for the respective programme based on the advice of experts from industry and academia. Guest lectures are organized for every course by the professionals from industry to enable the students to learn the best practices followed in industry as well as state-of–art technology. The students take an active role in inter disciplinary projects through a course called Engineering Clinics. They are encouraged to do industrial internships and pursue MOOC courses during their summers. Technical Events such as Hack-a-thon, Code-a-thon are conducted to hone the programming skills of the students and to build the spirit to work in teams.

The school has five labs equipped with 325 i5 and 140 i7 systems. Various softwares such as Dev C++, Python, Matlab, R, OpenGL, Processing, Blender, Eclipse, Ubuntu, Rational Rose, Oracle etc are made available to students.

Computer Science is an ever-evolving discipline that studies the theory, design and implementation of computer applications and systems. Computers and computer systems play a central role in business, communication, science, entertainment and medicine. As the range of computer applications continues to expand, so does the demand for computer scientists. With a focus on nurturing bright minds and developing real-world problem solving skills in them, the department of Computer Science and Engineering at VIT-AP offers the following programmes.


Computer Science & Engineering

About the Programme: The Computer Science and Engineering programme at VIT-AP is a unique blend of hardware and software, allowing students to gain knowledge about the concepts that enable many of today’s...

B.Tech. CSE

(Specialisation in NETWORKING & SECURITY)

About the Programme: The B.Tech. course in Computer Science and Engineering with specialization in Network Security offered by VIT-AP is to meet the demands of security aspects of computer networks...

B.Tech. CSE

(Specialisation in DATA ANALYTICS)

About the Programme: This programme is designed to provide a student with core concepts of computer science as well as data analytics. It also provides engineering and problem-solving skills using...

B.Tech. CSE

(Specialisation in Artificial Intelligence)

About the Programme: The new degree program commences from Fall of 2018.This programme provides the core concepts of Computer Science along with fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence. It enables students...


(5 year Integrated) Software Engineering

About the Programme: The Integrated M.Tech. (Software Engineering) programme is a 5 year integrated course.  It is specifically designed to meet the needs of IT industry in the areas of software...


(2 years) Computer Science Engineering

In the post-graduation programme M.Tech Computer Science Engineering students are allowed to pursue the course from schools of Computer Science Engineering, VITAP. The entry into these programmes occurs...