Club Events

134th Birth Anniversary of Srinivasa Ramanujan

FDP on “University Teachers of Mathematics-Practices to follow"

FDP on "Role of Research on Career Advancement"

Four Days Online Hands-on FDP on Python Software for Computing

Guest Lecture on Electrochemical Techniques for Energy Storage Applications - SAS

Hypothesis Testing on Attributes - Chi-Square Test and its applications to research problems using R

Starting Independent Career as A Research Guide Organized by SAS

Wind wave interaction: Extensions to finite depth


ICAMEMS–2022 ICAMEMS–2022 aims to create an international conglomeration of scientists, engineers, and industrial experts. This forum serves as a platform where people can share...

5 Days Workshop on Blockchain Technology and its Applications

International Conference on Business Transformation and Excellence in Global Scenario

Guest Lecture on Global Biome - VISH