Club Events

International Industry Guest Lecture on "How Digitalization and AI can connect supply and Demand in Retail and Bring the Business to a new era" - SAS

Industry expert talk on Statistical Inference and its Applications in Industry - SAS

VTAPP 2022 - A Hands-on Session on Data Visualization with Tableau - SAS

VTAPP 2022 - Introduction to COMSOL Multiphysics Simulations and Applications - SAS

VTAPP 2022 - Hands - on Training on ChemDraw Software - SAS

Foreign Guest Lecture on Navigating Diversiry: Effective Intercultural Communication Skills Organized by VISH

Foreign Guest Lecture on Varieties of English Language: British, American and Canadian - Organized by VISH

Industry Guest Lecture on Conversational Etiquette@Workplace: Collaborative-Virtual & Face-to-face Organized by VISH

Invited Talk on Advanced Robotic Manipulations for Safety-Critical Industrial Applications - SAS

5-Day International Workshop on Applicable Mathematics for Science and Engineering - SAS

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Research Brochure - SAS

Research Brochure - 1 Research Brochure - 2

Invited talk on Methane Pyrolysis for sustainable materials: Can Gas -Phase Nano-Carbon Self-Assembly and Production Live Up to the Hype? - SAS