Club Events

ICANA - 2024

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Value Added Course - Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Designing - SENSE

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Foreign Expert Lecture on Advanced finite volume techniques for Pollutants Dispersion and Environmental safety using OpenFOAM - SAS

Foreign Guest Lecture on Bhopal Industrial Disaster: The Aftermath is Still Unfolding, and it is Gendered - VISH

Guest Lecture on Navigating the Path to Net Zero Neutrality: Evaluating the Environmental Impact of G20 Summit 2023 - VISH

Foreign Guest Lecture on Atomically precise separation of ligand-protected metal clusters - SAS

V-TAPP & VITopia 2024

VITREE 2024 (July Session)

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75th Republic Day Celebrations

International Conference on Comparative Law: A Story of Convergences, Divergences and Exploitation of Liminal Spaces

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Futuristic Applied Mathematician: What it takes to be at forefront of innovations? - SAS

5th International Conference on Advances in Distributed Computing and Machine Learning(ICADCML) - 2024

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