Club Events

Invited Talk on Stellite Data and Image Processing: A Mathematical Perspective - SAS

Webinar by Prof.Carlos Bergeron Organized by VISH


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Foreign Guest Lecture: Strategies for Effective Interview Skills - VISH

Industry Expert Lecture on Current Trends in Devops and Artificial Intelligence - SAS

Industry Guest Lecture - Advanced Processing and Characterization Techinques for Non-Ferrous Alloys - SAS

Foreign Industry Guest Lecture on Applications of Spintronics: From Lab-scale Magnetism to Industrial Products - SAS

VIT-AP Advantage - B.Tech Admissions

Design Your Own Degree is a unique opportunity that students have in shaping their Curriculum and final degree to be awarded. For the first time in the country, a student can have multiple...

Industrial Guest Lecture on Applications of Mathematical Models to the Prediction of Energy Resources and Safeguarding of Coastal Communities Along the Indian Coast - SAS

Industru Guest Lecture on Trends and Perspective on Statistical Data Analysis - SAS

Forign Guest Lecture on Mathematical Modeling and Applications of Fluid Flows - SAS

Foreign Guest Lecture on The Sol-Gel Method: Utilizing Molecular Design of Functional Oxide Precursors for Advanements in All-Solid-State Battery Development - SAS