Club Events

Industrial Guest Lecture on Data ware housing and business intelligence - SAS

Foreign Guest Lecture on Modeling of water waves and its applications in marine engineering - SAS

Foreign Guest Lecture on Role of interface states on the electronic properties of graphene FETs

Industry Guest Lecture on Role of Electromagnetic Simulations in Commercial Product Design - SAS

Industry Expert Lecture on SRE principles and practices in software engineering to achieve higher levels of reliability and security for applications/products - SAS

Foreign Guest Lecture on Using Adaptive Dynamics to Study Models of Host-Parasite Evolution - SAS

International Conference on Innovation and Sustainable Business Practices in the Digital Era (ICISD'24)

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Guest Lecture on 'The Relevance of Classical Political Economy in Today's World' Organized by VISH

Mastering Communication Skills for Placements:A Training Initiative for S.T.A.R.S Students - VISH

B.Tech. CSE (Software Engineering)

About the Programme: The School of Computer Science and Engineering proudly offers a cutting-edge B. Tech program in Software Engineering. This program is designed to equip students...

In Search of Methodology:Reading Global South Cinemas Organized by VISH

The Tapestry of India's Essence:Indian Culture, Society, Economy and its Intercultural Relation