Club Events

Industrial Guest Lecture on Applications of Mathematical Models to the Prediction of Energy Resources and Safeguarding of Coastal Communities Along the Indian Coast - SAS

Industru Guest Lecture on Trends and Perspective on Statistical Data Analysis - SAS

Forign Guest Lecture on Mathematical Modeling and Applications of Fluid Flows - SAS

Foreign Guest Lecture on The Sol-Gel Method: Utilizing Molecular Design of Functional Oxide Precursors for Advanements in All-Solid-State Battery Development - SAS

One-Week FDP on AI and DL based Approaches for Real World Applications - SCOPE

  Event Title:One-Week FDP on AI and DL based Approaches for Real World Applications Organized by:School of Computer Science and Engineering, VIT-AP University, Andhra Pradesh Dates:2-6...

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V-Launch Pad – Annual Business Plan Competition

VITopia - 2023

Expert Lecture on Generic v/s Branded Drugs - Department of Chemistry - SAS

Industry Guest Lecture on Bioinformatics: Science, Tool or Service? or all of the above? - SAS

Anionic Species Migration Behavior, Industrial Wastes, and Novel Cementitious Materials for Stabilization/Solidification of wastes - SAS

Guest Lecture for TEC3001 - Design Thinking Course: Use of Design Thinking in an Online Business Platform - VISH