Research Scholars

List of Ph.D. Students as on 24.06.2021

S.NO.Name of the StudentGenderRegisteration numberBranchRegular/Part-time
1Amera AnjumFemale17PHD7001ECEFull Time
2Tarra SekharMale17PHD7002ECEFull Time
3Pujari Bharath KumarMale17PHD7003MathematicsFull Time
4M NageshMale17PHD7004CSEPart Time
5V Venkata RammanojMale17PHD7005CSEPart Time
6Chavva Subba ReddyMale17PHD7006CSEFull Time
7Parasa Nagalakshmi DeviFemale17PHD7007MathematicsPart Time
8Kandru Chandana RaniFemale17PHD7008CSEFull Time
9Thotakura Vishnu PriyaFemale17PHD7009ECEFull Time
10Janjanam PrabhudasMale17PHD7010CSEFull Time
11Desam VamsiFemale17PHD7011CSEFull Time
12Konatham NagalakshmiFemale17PHD7012ECEFull Time
13Chebrolu Lakshmi RajeshMale17PHD7015PhysicsFull Time
14Bodigiri Sai GopinadhMale17PHD7016MathematicsFull Time
15Hirve Sumit ArunMale17PHD7017CSEPart Time
16Yallamandaiah SMale17PHD7018ECEFull Time
17T MeenaFemale17PHD7019CSEFull Time
18Eluru RevanthMale17PHD7021MechanicalFull Time
19Korepu AnjineyuluMale17PHD7022MechanicalFull Time
20Madarvoni SrivatsavaMale17PHD7023MechanicalFull Time
21Palaiam SiddikaliMale17PHD7025MechanicalFull Time
22Arinapalli Santhi LathaFemale17PHD7026PhysicsPart Time
23Y Ravi KumarMale17PHD7028PhysicsFull Time
24Dalai NileshMale17PHD7029MechanicalPart Time
25Dasari JanrajivMale17PHD7030EnglishPart Time
26Danda Hanuma ReddyMale17PHD7031ManagementPart Time
27Pravin Hindurao YadavMale17PHD7032MechanicalPart Time
28Tanniru MonicaFemale17PHD7033MechanicalFull Time
29Bethu Lakshmi narayana krishna saiMale17PHD7034MechanicalFull Time
30Sattenapalli GirishMale17PHD7035MechanicalFull Time
31A. V. Krishna chaitanyaMale17PHD7036MechanicalFull Time
32Vulli Krishna TejaMale17PHD7039CSEFull Time
33Tummala bindu madhaviFemale17PHD7040CSEFull Time
34Easala Ravi KondalMale17PHD7041CSEFull Time
35Dudekula UsenMale17PHD7042ECEFull Time
36P.Basheer KhanMale17PHD7043EnglishPart Time
37Janjanam VenkatavaraprasadMale17PHD7045ManagementFull Time
38E.Ajith JubilsonMale18PHD7001CSEIPT
40Raj Kumar BatchuMale18PHD7003CSEFull Time
41V Lakshmi ChetanaFemale18PHD7004CSEPart Time
42K H Vijaya KumariFemale18PHD7005CSEPart Time
43Chandrika DadhiraoFemale18PHD7006CSEFull Time
44Soma Sekhar KolisettyMale18PHD7007CSEFull Time
45Kamesh SontiMale18PHD7008ECEFull Time
46Kamireddy Rasool ReddyMale18PHD7009ECEFull Time
47Shaik ThaherbashaMale18PHD7010ECEFull Time
48Varadhraj VenkataramanMale18PHD7011ManagementPart Time
49Nimmy Rose JacobFemale18PHD7012ManagementIPT
50Chintalapati Sridhar YesaswiMale18PHD7013MechanicalFull Time
51Sripati Krishna SatyaFemale18PHD7014MechanicalFull Time
52Shaik Masthan ShareefMale18PHD7015MechanicalFull Time
53H.S.Anantha PadmanabaMale18PHD7016MechanicalFull Time
54Vijaya Kumar KambalaMALE18PHD7017CSEPart Time
55Krishna Santosh NaidanaMALE18PHD7018CSEFull Time
56Alekhya YallaFEMALE18PHD7019ECEPart Time
57Annangi SwethaFEMALE18PHD7020ECEFull Time
58Jyothi Prasad BabuMALE18PHD7021ECEPart Time
59Miriyala Geetha PratyushaFEMALE18PHD7022ECEFull Time
60Hareesh AyanampudiMALE18PHD7023ECEFull Time
61Naga Lakshmi Kalyani MovvaFEMALE18PHD7024ECEFull Time
62Sagar NeeliMALE18PHD7025EnglishPart Time
63Nune PratyushaFEMALE18PHD7026MathematicsFull Time
64Madhavi MalireddyFEMALE18PHD7027MathematicsPart Time
65Bala AnasuyaFEMALE18PHD7028MathematicsPart Time
66Shunmugavel MuthulingamMALE18PHD7031PhysicsPart Time
67Sidhireddy SrinivasMALE18PHD7032PhysicsPart Time
68Krutibash NayakMALE19PHD7001CSEFull Time
69Tatireddy Subba ReddyMALE19PHD7002CSEFull Time
70Boyapati Bharathi DeviFEMALE19PHD7003ECEFull Time
71Krutideepa BholFEMALE19PHD7004ECEFull Time
72Nelaturi Nagendra ReddyMALE19PHD7005ECEFull Time
73Perigisetty VedavalliFEMALE19PHD7006ECEFull Time
74V.HemajaFEMALE19PHD7007ECEFull Time
75Kiran Chand RaviMALE19PHD7008ECEFull Time
76Sudhir Kumar SaMALE19PHD7009ECEFull Time
77Lakkireddy Gopal ReddyMALE19PHD7010ECEFull Time
78Ravi Sankar PasupuletiMALE19PHD7012ManagementFull Time
79More Rohini BaliramFEMALE19PHD7013MathematicsFull Time
80G SravanthiFEMALE19PHD7014MechanicalFull Time
81Vamsi Krishna MadduriMALE19PHD7016CSEFull Time
82Sitanaboina S L ParvathiFEMALE19PHD7017CSEFull Time
83Pasala SrihariMALE19PHD7018CSEFull Time
84Mallela Siva Naga RajuMALE19PHD7019CSEFull Time
85Purna Prakash KasaraneniMALE19PHD7020CSEFull Time
86Gopinath MMALE19PHD7021CSEFull Time
87Dhulipalla Ramya KrishnaFEMALE19PHD7022CSEFull Time
88Vamshi KolliparaMALE19PHD7023ECEFull Time
89Gogulamudi Pradeep ReddyMALE19PHD7025ECEFull Time
90Namathoti SivanagarajuMALE19PHD7026MechanicalFull Time
91Gangapalli Gousiya BhanuFEMALE19PHD7027PhysicsFull Time
92Rama Devi MaddineniFEMALE19PHD7028ECEFull Time
93Kunche Vijaya LakshmiFEMALE19PHD7029MathematicsFull Time

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Research Talks


  • 1. Prof. Prasada Raju Ph.D., FNAE, Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Dean , MVGR College of Engineering delivered talk on “Funding Opportunities for extra mural research extended by DST and other Agencies / Departments” on 10-02-2018. 
  • 2. Prof. Makinde Oulwaole Daniel from Stellonbosch University, South Africa delivered lectures on “ Recent Development in Fluid Dynamics and stability analysis of CFD” on 24-03-2018. 
  • 3. Prof. P.Kandaswamy FNASc, Member PAC (DST) delivered two lectures on “ Research report, Proposal writing – Relevance of Mathematical modelling” on 10-04-2018. 
  • 4. Dr. Kartik Kasinath, Project Scientist, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, USA delivered two lectures on (a) Open control of periodic and a periodic thermoacoustic oscillations: Numerical simulation , experiments and low-order modelling” and (b) Deep learning for extreme weather detection on 13-04-2018. 

Research projects

List of Research projects

Project TeamFunding AgencyTitle of the ProjectProject Amount (in Lakhs)

Dr. P. S. Rama Sreekanth (PI), Dr. S.V. Kota Reddy,
Dr. Manikanta Ravindra, Ms. Krishna Satya, Mr. Ankan Narayan Biswas and Mr. Bharath R Krishnan
Dassault Systems FoundationDevelopment of Recycled Plastics Based Composite Roof Tiles with used Face Masks, Phase Change Material and Bovine Waste.

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1 Year
Dr. Y. V. Pavan KumarScience and Engineering Research Board (SERB)Investigation on Methods to Improve Transient Response of Microgrids Using Virtual Inertia Mechanisms for Seamless Synchronization with Utility Grid32.822019-21
Dr. P. S. Rama SreekanthMs Additive Manufacturing Pvt. LtdDeposition orientation in fused deposition modelling based 3D printing with varying/ gradient fill densities for nanocomposite based filament0.90June 2018-June 2019
Dr. P. S. Rama SreekanthDST-SERBFabrication, characterization and evaluation of design parameter variability of polymer nanocomposite sandwich beams with gradient cell size honeycomb core for obtaining graded beam properties.22.52016- 2019
Dr. Sibi ChakkaravarthyNVIDIA GPU
Dr. Y. V. Pavan Kumar and Dr. D. John PradeepVenus Elevators and Controles (P) LtdEmbedded Controller Design for Vertical Elevator Systems1.21Oct. 2020 - Sep. 21