• Q. Where can I find the link to apply for the B.Tech Degree program, through the general category?
    Answer: The link to apply for the B.Tech programmes (General category) is available on the website &
  • Q. Which branch in Engineering would have the best scope?
    Answer: All Engineering branches have an equally good scope. Much depends on your passion for the program and your endeavour to excel.
  • Q. Are candidates appearing for Improvement/Privately also eligible to apply for VITEEE?
    Answer: ‘Yes’. They are eligible to apply for VITEEE and should produce their marks sheet at the time of counselling / admission.
  • Q. What is the cost of the VITEEE Application form?
    Answer: Online application – – Rs. 1350/-
  • Q. Where can I find the fee structure for various programmes?
    Answer: Please follow the link
  • Q. How many campuses does VIT have?
    Answer: Under VIT Group there are: VIT Vellore, VIT Chennai, VIT AP and VIT Bhopal. The first two come under Deemed to be University and VIT-AP and VIT-Bhopal are state private Universities.
  • Q. Will I be offered the option of choosing my campus and program while filling application?
    Answer: ‘No’ only at the time of counselling you would be offered the option of choosing your campus and a program. This would depend on the availability of the campus as per your rank in the order of merit.
  • Q. What is the closing date for issue of applications?
    Answer: Applications will be issued till end of 31st March 2023 (Tentative)


Admissions related Queries

  • Q. Does VIT offer admissions through Management quota?
    Answer: There is no Management Quota in VIT. Admissions is purely based on the merit rank obtained in the VITEEE and for other Undergraduate programs, it is based on the merit of your XII/ Higher Secondary Boards by which you would be accordingly ranked.
  • Q. Is there lateral entry admission available for Diploma candidates?
    Answer: ‘No’. There is no lateral entry admission offered for B.Tech and UG Programmes. Diploma holders (10+3) are eligible for B.Sc. Multimedia and Animation, Visual Communication, Fashion Designing (Chennai) with an overall aggregate of 60%.


VITEEE Related Queries

  • Q. Is VITEEE mandatory or would merit of XII / Higher Secondary Board, JEE Main / SAT scores be considered for admission to the B.Tech. Degree Programme?
    Answer: ‘Yes’ VITEEE is mandatory for admission to the B.Tech. Programme in VIT. Higher Secondary Board, JEE Main/ SAT scores will not be considered for admission to the B.Tech. Degree Programme.
  • Q. What would be the syllabus and Question pattern (QP) for the VITEEE?
    Answer: Please visit the link for the syllabus.
    – The questions (MCQ) will primarily be from the State Board of Higher Secondary Education and the CBSE syllabus. Math’s or Biology (40 questions), Physics (35 questions), Chemistry (35 questions), Aptitude (10 questions) and English (5 questions) in two and half examination without negative marking.
  • Q. Could I have some information on the VITEEE?
    Answer: VIT Engineering Entrance Examination will be conducted between 15th to 21st April 2023 (Tentative) CBT – Computer based test.
    – The duration of the Entrance Examination will be of 2 hours and 30 minutes
    – The details on the sessions and timings would be intimated before slot booking.
  • Q. Will VITEEE 2022 be held as scheduled, considering the fact that CBSE and State Board exams have been postponed owing to the recent pandemic?
    Answer: VITEEE is most likely to be held as scheduled. Candidates ranked through merit of VITEEE could attend counselling but produce their XII Mark sheet later to qualify for admission.
  • Q. If a student has selected / allotted a particular branch of Engineering through counselling, in a selected campus, under a specific category, would it be possible to change the branch, campus or category later?
    Answer: It is most unlikely that a change could be accommodated, once allotted. There is no Sliding/ up gradation in category / change of campus option offered further to admission.
  • Q. What would be the valid ID proofs needed to be produced in the entrance examination hall, in addition to the E-admit card with photograph?
    Answer: You could produce either your Aadhaar card / Driving license / PAN card / Passport / Voter ID card or else School ID card as original.
  • Q. Is there an option to ‘Edit’ the application form in web?
    Answer: ‘Yes’. Once you complete the application form, you will be able to edit your application. (After making the payment and uploading your photo & Signature)
  • Q. How do I edit my application?
    Answer: You will find the ‘Edit’ option on the left side of the screen at the application – download stage. (You would be able to edit all fields inclusive of test city and uploaded documents).
  • Q. What am I supposed to do if my PIN code is not found in my application?
    Answer: ‘PIN code’ has been integrated in our Software / Kindly mail (


VITEEE Eligibility Related Queries

  • Q. I have secured 62% overall in +2 examination, but 53.35% in PCM / PCB. In such case, am I eligible for admission?
    Answer: ‘No’. You should satisfy the eligibility criteria of obtaining a minimum aggregate of 60% in PCM /PCB for the B.Tech. Programme.
  • Q. Is there a specific age limit to apply for VITEEE?
    Answer: ‘Yes’. Candidates whose date of birth falls on or after 1st July 2001 are only eligible to apply for VITEEE – 2023.
  • Q. I am an Indian but have completed my 10+2 system of Higher Secondary Education abroad. What would I enter under the ‘Nationality’ field in such case?
    Answer: NRI (Non Resident Indian)
  • Q. Which Engineering stream would I be eligible to apply for if I opt for Physics, Chemistry and Biology?
    Answer: If you have opted for Physics, Chemistry and Biology in the qualifying examination, you would be eligible only for
    B.Tech Bio-Engineering
    B.Tech Biotechnology
    B.Tech Computer Science and Engineering with specialization in Bioinformatics
    B.Tech Computer Science and Engineering (Specialization in Health Informatics)
    However you would be required to register for Mathematics as bridge course, which is mandatory


VITEEE Ranking Related Queries

  • Q. What’s the cut off / rank in VITEEE required for my desirable course?
    Answer: Admissions for B.Tech Branches are based on the merit rank from VITEEE and therefore it differs from year to year. It is only after you are ranked from the VITEEE and attend counselling that you may tentatively guess the rank range required for a particular branch. Higher the rank higher the chances to get your desirable course.
  • Q. What should be the VITEEE preparation strategies?
    Answer: VITEEE, like other competitive exams, requires proper strategy combined with excellent accuracy and speed. Although there is no negative marking like in other competitive examinations, you still need to have clear concepts and develop effective time-management strategies. Some preparation strategies that you can create are:
    1. Time Management: For VITEEE exam, it is not necessary to solve all questions, but it is about solving decent number of questions in a proper time frame. If you are not able to solve any question, then please do not waste your time on it and move on to the next one. Also, it is advisable to attempt the easy questions first and gradually move towards attempting the difficult ones.
    2. Develop Speed & Accuracy: Try to develop your own strategies to crack the exam. Enhance your analytical skills and aim to attempt all the questions while practicing. This will give you an edge over the other students.
    3. Have Clear Concepts: Try to clear all your confusion on time, as it is important for you to have a strong foundation to solve all levels of questions. The more you practice, the easier it becomes for you to fine-tune your concepts. Apart from solving old VITEEE papers, you can also solve the NCERT books for classes 11 and 12.
    4. Prepare Notes: It is advisable to prepare notes on the tips that you receive for the VITEEE exam. This will help you a lot during last minute revision, and the information might be handy for you, as you don’t have to look through your books again and again.
    5. Revision: Guess this is self-explanatory. You need to keep revising every few days to ensure the subject matter gets stored in your memory permanently.

  • Q. When will be the mock exam for VITEEE?
    Answer: Mock test will be scheduled after slot booking.
  • Q. Marking Scheme of VITEEE ranking?
    Answer: Each question contains one mark; there is no negative marking for incorrect answers.


Payment Transaction Related Queries

  • Q. What do I do if I have made the payment but not received a confirmation?
    Answer: Please read this important instruction related to payment issues given below and also in the VITEEE page.
    – At the time of transaction, the amount is debited, kindly wait for an hour in the same login page.
    – If Amount debited more than one time, it will be refunded to your account in 5 to 7 days.
  • Q. Would there be a refund if I have made two payment transactions for my VITEEE application?
    Answer: ‘Yes’. If the amount towards the VITEEE application form has been paid twice for the same application, the excess amount paid will be refunded to your account within 7 working days.
  • Q. What If I haven’t received within 5-7 working days?
    Answer: You will be receiving within 5-7 working days; it’s depending on the source through which the transaction was made. If not, you can connect with / 0416 220 2020.
  • Q. Where could I find information about the ‘Test cities’?
    Answer: Please visit the link


Slot Booking Related Queries

  • Q. How can I get the admit card?
    Answer: After the slot booking, you would be able to download the admit card.
  • Q. What is slot booking in VIT?
    Answer: Slot booking refers to you choosing your venue, date and time for the VITEEE at your desired test city. VIT University starts the online VITEEE Slot Booking at VIT’s Online Test Booking System (OTBS). The candidates have to use their VITEEE 2023 application number and password to enter the VIT OTBS. The slot booking is done in the first come first serve basis. After the VITEEE 2023 Slot booking the candidates can check their admit card that is generated just after. The candidates have to download the same and complete the process.
  • Q. Can student change their slots?
    Answer: A slot once booked cannot be changed.
  • Q. Can student change their Test city?
    Answer: ‘Yes’ Can be changed till the application close for VITEEE 2023.
    • Change of test city from abroad to India – No extra payment.
    • Change of test city from India to abroad – $50 Extra payment (OR equivalent INR).
  • Q. If student missed the slot booking, can he still apply?
    Answer: It is the responsibility of the candidates to book their test schedule in OTBS within the given time frame. The Institute will not be held accountable for the non-bookings. The application fee will not be refunded under any circumstances for such cases.
  • Q. What was the last year’s intake for B.Tech?
    Answer: Admissions to various B.Tech Branches are based on the merit rank from VITEEE and therefore differ from year to year. It is only after you are ranked from the VITEEE and attends counselling that you could briefly estimate the rank range required for a particular branch. Do not believe any social media sources as they might mislead you.


Scholarship Related Queries

  • Q. Does VIT provide scholarships to VITEEE meritorious students?

    Performance Scholarship
    Central and State Board Toppers 100% waiver on Tuition Fees (for all 4 years)
    1 to 50 Rank Holder in VITEEE 75% waiver on Tuition Fees (for all 4 years)
    51 to 100 Rank Holder in VITEEE 50% waiver on Tuition Fees (for all 4 years)
    101 to 1000 Rank Holder in VITEEE 25% waiver on Tuition Fees (for all 4 years)
  • Q. Does VIT provide scholarships to students from rural areas and underprivileged meritorious students?
    Answer: STARS (Support the Advancement of Rural Students Scheme) helps students from under privileged backgrounds of Tamil Nadu/ Andhra Pradesh to achieve their dreams by giving them 100% fee waiver for their academic, hostel and basic medical expenses. Top boys and girls from Rural Government schools are shortlisted for the scheme.


Hostel Related Queries

  • Q. What is Fully Flexible Credit System?
    Answer: In a Fully Flexible Credit System (FFCS), a candidate has the complete freedom to select time table with the choices on the teacher, time. In addition, they may register less or more number of courses (subject to minimum / maximum criteria) to finish early and take more than 6 month project in final year.
  • Q. What is International Transfer Program (ITP)? Where can I get to know more?
    Answer: In an International Transfer program (ITP) – A student completes the first two years of his B.Tech Degree program in VIT and the next two years of his Degree at a partner university abroad. Call for ITP details 0863 2370444.
  • Q. What is the Semester Abroad Program (SAP)?
    Answer: In a Semester Abroad program (SAP) – the student is provided an opportunity to pursue the final Semester in a partner university abroad. (Contact: for more details)
  • Q. How are placements at VITAP?
    Answer: Please refer to the link:


NRI / Foreign Students Admission Related Queries