About Dr. Salini Rosaline

Dr. Raghavendra


Specialization Areas: Educational Technology, Human Resource Management, Creativity and Innovation

Dr.Salini Rosaline is an Assistant Professor in organisational Behaviour and Human Resources at VIT-AP School of Business. Her research focuses on technology adoption, work related outcomes and how employees’ identities are perceived at work. Prior to joining VIT-AP University, she has worked in the industry in the field of Learning and Development. She has been invited in various FDPs and workshops related to use of technology in education. Dr. Salini also takes interest to regularly present research in international and national academic conferences.

  • Selected Publication:
    • 1. Rosaline, S., and Wesley, J. R. (2017) Factors Affecting students’ adoption of ICT tools in higher education institutions: An Indian Context. International Journal of Information Communication and Technology Education. Vol.13. Nr. 2.
    • 2. Rosaline, S. and Johnson, S. (2020) Continued Usage and Dependency of Smartphones, International Journal of Cyber Behaviour, Psychology and Learning, 10 (1), 41-53.
    • External Roles:
      • 1. Warden – Ladies Hostel, VIT-AP University
      • 2. Member – International Relations Committee
      • 3. Member – Grievance Redressal Committee
      • 4. Time Table Coordinator, VSB
      • 5. Club Coordinator – Bioscope-Movie Making and Screening Club
      • 6. MDP conducted: “Team Building” on 10th November 2018. The MDP was conducted in VIT-AP University for the mid-level manager of various corporates. This workshop encouraged participants to explore the different aspects of a team, as well as ways that they can become a top-notch team performer. The main objectives of the programme where to experientially learn the importance of an effective team, identify potential threats to effective team functioning and understand the importance of right communication among the team.
      • Courses Taught:
        • ★ Human Resource Management
        • ★ Recruitment and Selection
        • ★ Fundamentals of Team Building and Leadership
        • ★ Business Problem Solving using Computer Applications.