About Dr. Nupur Nirola

Dr. Nupur Nirola


Specialization Areas: Macroeconomics,
Applied Econometrics, Principles of Microeconomics,
Public Finance and Role of Institutions in Public Policy

Dr. Nupur Nirola is an Assistant Professor of Economics at the VIT-AP School of Business (VSB). She has completed her doctorate from the Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur in 2020. Her areas of expertise include applied macroeconomics, the role of institutions in the public policy domain.

She is the coordinator of Capstone Project Research at VSB and has organized various guest lectures inviting keynote speakers from the industries and government institutes (AZB Partners; Ministry of Finance, Government of India).

Dr. Nupur Nirola has presented her research work in various international and national educational organizations such as University of Cambridge UK, University of Seville Spain, IIM Bangalore, IIT Kharagpur, National Institute of Public Finance and Policy, Gujarat National Law University.

  • Publications
    • ★ Nirola, N., & Sahu, S. (2020). Revisiting the Wagner’s law for Indian States using second generation panel cointegration. Economic Change and Restructuring, 53(2), 241-263.
    • ★ Nirola, N., & Sahu, S. (2019). The interactive impact of government size and quality of institutions on economic growth-evidence from the states of India. Heliyon, 5(3), e01352.
    • Courses taught
      • Fall 2020-21
        Principles of Microeconomics (MGT 1113)
        Principles of Managerial Economics (MGT 1111)
      • Winter 2020-21
        Microeconomics (MGT 1103)
        Fundamentals of Economics (HUM 1001)
        Economics For Engineers (MGT 1007)





      “ Best Young Researcher Edition” Award, Centre for Law and Economics, Gujarat National Law University


      Outstanding Ph.D. Dissertation Award, IIT Kanpur


      Excellence Fund for Best Publication, Dean of Resources and Alumni, IIT Kanpur; “Upstander Women" Award by Women’s Cell, IIT Kanpur on International Women's Day


      Research Fellowship by University Grants Commission


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