BBA – (Bachelor of Business Administration)

BBA – (Bachelor of Business Administration)

About the Programme

VSB builds on VIT’s long history of excellence in technical education with liberal arts and humanities, topped with the best of management courses, to offer a world class BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) program.

VSB believes that every manager should be strongly grounded in the fundamentals of management; thus, the BBA program is designed to provide breadth and suitable depth with a well-designed curriculum built on the liberal education foundation with exposure to Engineering & Technology. Moreover, for the first time in the country, the program comprises a unique blend of Introductory Science, Engineering & Technology courses as well. Overall, the program consists of courses designed in collaboration with industry experts and academicians from IIMs and best international universities.

Students attend a set of compulsory foundation courses on liberal arts, science and mathematics and choose any two electives from engineering specialisations. A student also attends at least one workshop every semester and goes on fieldwork during the summer breaks after first and second year. The foundation courses provide exposure to a variety of fields, theories and models and associated paradigms of knowledge and research. The pedagogy is based on experiential learning and focuses on application. Special care is taken to target multiple intelligences of the students to ensure effectiveness of the program. The foundation courses open up the minds of the students; inculcate critical and analytical thinking, and enhance sensitivity to the context and system level dynamics. The management courses provide the necessary knowledge and competencies in management functions. These prepare the students to be global managers who take contextually sensitive decisions integrating human needs, technology and ecology, to impact organizations, communities and the society.

VIT-AP School of Business – BBA Scholarships

VIT-AP School of Business is announcing scholarships for all meritorious students, which will reduce the academic fees paid by the students by 10%, 25% or 50%. Students will get assured scholarship based on the 12th marks. Those students who have excelled in co-curricular and extracurricular activities will be considered for higher level scholarship.

Interested candidates should apply online for the BBA program and email Name, Application number and scanned copies of 10th std. and 12th std. marksheets and proof of co-curricular/extracurricular achievements to Those who want to be considered for Need based scholarship should include a certificate of family income.

bba scholarship example

  • – Assured – a candidate with the specified aggregate percentage will get scholarship based on the 12th Std. performance
  • – Assured – Based on the performance in 10th Std., 12th Std., MTPI and Other Achievements, the scholarship may be increased
  • – Need Based – Deserving students with good overall performance will be considered separately
  • – Scholarship will be applicable for three years subject to maintaining academic discipline and CGPA of 8


Asha has scored an aggregate of 91.6% in CBSE. Arun has scored an aggregate of 93.4% in AP intermediate board. As per the above table Asha will be eligible for a scholarship of 25% of the academic fees (which is equivalent to Rs68,750/year) and Arun will be eligible for a scholarship of 10% of the academic fees (which is equivalent to Rs27,500). If Arun has achieved at the state or national level in co-curricular or extracurricular events, he may be given 25% scholarship. In the same way, Asha may get 50% scholarship if she has achieved at the state or national levels.

Unique Curriculum

  • Liberal Arts Courses– Anthropology / Sociology, Psychology / Social Psychology, Theatre and Literature.
  • Science, Engineering & Technology Courses – Environmental Studies, Past & Future of Technology, Perspectives in Physics, Problem Solving with C++/Python, and choice of any two courses from Computer Science, Electronics and Communication and Mechanical Engineering.
  • Unique Courses – Ethics & Values, Systems Thinking & Dynamics and Design Thinking & Innovation. All BBA students will have the option of joining Discovering Self and Globalisation and Culture workshops (highly acclaimed courses from IIM Kozhikode).
    Other than these innovative workshops are planned every semester on culture, development, ecology, economy, gender, global issues, innovations, rural India, start-ups, technology, theatre and so on.
  • Field work every year– Students will go on field work on variety of themes such as a. Cultures of India, b. Appreciating Rural India, c. Heritage and Current Social Reality, or d. Dynamics of Entrepreneurship.

Key features of the program

  • Curriculum benchmarked against US University
  • Liberal Arts Foundation + Exposure to Technology
  • Visiting faculty from US Universities and IIMs
  • Systems Design Thinking integrated curriculum
  • Residential program


A student joining BBA program in VSB has the following options

  • BBA from UMD: 2 years at VSB + 2 years at UMD
  • BBA from VSB: 3 years at VSB
  • BBA + PGDBA from VSB: 3 + 1 years at VSB
  • MBA from UMD: 4 years at VSB + 2 years at UMD

Career Prospects

The students of BBA program have a wide variety of choices in careers based on the degree, specialisation and participation in the international transfer program.

  • BBA from VSB – students can join their family business or start a new business on their own or go for higher studies in India or abroad by taking CAT/GMAT. Incubation support would be provided by VIT-AP for those who want to start their own business.
  • PGDBA from VSB – students can leverage on the strong network and relationship that VIT-AP has with recruiters and join as management trainee in large Indian organizations across sectors. Based on the specialisation and the certifications completed, the student can compete with the students from the best business schools in the country for placements. Roles that are likely to be available are in analytics, business development, consulting, corporate finance, general management, HR, sales and marketing, and supply chain management. The sectors which may be of interest to the students are automobiles, banking and financial services, consumer durables, e-commerce, FMCG, health, hospitality & tourism, insurance, IT/ITES, pharma and retail.
  • International Transfer to a US University– students can leverage the international degrees to start a global career transcending boundaries of all kind.

Admission Process

  • 1. Apply online and pay application fees of Rs. 950
    Download application form and follow the instructions
  • 2. Short listed candidates will undergo Management Task + Personal Interview (MTPI).
  • 3. If selected, tuition fees and hostel fees can be paid within two weeks


  • Tuition Fees– Rs. 2.75 Lakhs per year
  • Scholarships– Merit and need based scholarships which cover up to 50% of tuition fees will be provided to deserving students. The application for the same will be considered during the MTPI and intimated along with the results.
  • Hostel & Mess Fees – All BBA students are expected to enroll in the hostel. The fees will be intimated shortly.


  • 60% aggregate or equivalent grades in 10th Std. and 12th Std.
  • Candidates studying 12th Std. in any group are eligible
  • Candidates awaiting 12th Std. results can also apply

Late admissions


  • – Download Offline application, fill and email to
  • Visit VIT-AP University Campus, Amaravati, Andhra Pradesh
  • Give an interview
  • If selected, take admission by paying the academic fee and hostel + mess fee (as applicable)

  • Contact 07901057255 / 06300433842 for fixing appointment for interview
  •              (Or)                    

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