Two-Day FDP on Importance of Chemical Science in Engineering Education

  • July 12, 2019

Speaker: Prof. Srinivasan Sampath
Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore

Date: 2-3 July, 2019

The program had two components. The first was on importance and implications of chemistry in engineering. And, the second is on availing research funding from organizations present in India. Connections and overlaps between fundamental chemistry and technology have been discussed throughout the program. Teaching methods and pedagogy were also reviewed. The speaker presented two units from ‘Engineering Chemistry (CHY1004)’ syllabus, ‘Electrochemical Energy Systems’, and ‘Sensor’ respectively. Valuable suggestions and recommendation were given during the presentation. The second subject was on current scenario of research funding in India. Prof. Sampath provided information about several research scheme sponsored by the Government of India. Procedures and important techniques have also been discussed. Overall, the FDP was very informative and extremely helpful for attendees, especially for chemistry teachers. The speaker was an expert in this field, and a very friendly person.