Think and Thrive

Think and Thrive


Club Name: Think and Thrive

Club Code: EXC1032

Version: 1.0



  • ★ To create a platform which will ensure the well-being of the students.
  • ★ To promote scientific temperament among students for making better decision
  • ★ To promote the importance of critical and creative thinking among the students to have a thriving future.


Expected Outcomes

  • ★ Students will learn the different skills related to critical thinking and creative thinking.
  • ★ Students will apply their knowledge in scientific way to solve the social and environmental problems
  • ★ Students will get chance to build their better version.


Club Coordinator


  • Name of the Faculty Coordinator: Dr. Ranjan Kumar
  • Coordinator Email:
  • School: SAS
  • 0863-2370-605
  • Cabin: AB-2, Room No: 124 (E)