Stagecraft theater workshop

  • October 1, 2018

Dhwani, the theatre and performing arts club, of VIT Amaravati organized a workshop, titled Stagecraft, in order to introduce various aspects of theatre to the students. Mr. T.N. Kumaradas, a fellow from the prestigious Film and Television Institute of India, Pune was the resource person for the workshop. The workshop progressed through various games to familiarize the students with the techniques of presentational and representational concepts of theatre. The workshop did justice to Dhwani’s aim to provide the students with an insight into the western and Indian arts and theatre, to give a platform for nurturing the student’s various artistic talents in terms of writing, performing, acting, interpreting thoughts, exploring new ideas, and channeling creative choices. The club co-ordinator Dr. Karthika V.K., of the Department of English and Soft Skills, co-ordinated the one-day workshop.