National Seminar on Ferroelectrics and Dielectrics (XXII NSFD -2022)

“National Seminar on Ferroelectrics & Dielectrics” (NSFD-2022) biennial Dielectrics Conference, initiated by the Dielectrics and Ferroelectrics group in India in 1980; has successfully completed 41 years of journey since its humble beginning at Indian Institute of technology Delhi. Dielectrics class of materials also referred as polar materials, include Piezo, pyro and ferroelectrics materials, play key role in modern technology, finding its applications in data storage, energy harvesters and wireless communications. This symposium will address developments in materials for a wide range of related technologies. It will bring together expert from diverse discipline and broadly cover materials and device related in the field. Special tutorial sessions will be arranged for young researchers and initiators to provide core research information.


The Topics of Seminar are broadly classified into five areas

I. Fundamentals of dielectrics, ferroelectrics & related materials

  • ★ Relaxor and birelaxor ferroelectrics/dielectrics and disorder effects
  • ★ Ferroelectric tunneling junctions, ferroelectric and magnetoresistive barriers.
  • ★ Domain and domain wall engineering (functional domain walls)
  • ★ Ionic and electronic phenomena in ferroelectrics
  • ★ Surface and interface tailoring and basic emergent phenomenaTopological states
  • ★ Topological states
  • ★ Multiferroics & magnetoelectrics, magnetoresistive phenomenon


II. Materials design and processing

  • ★ Bulk materials, Thin films, heterostructures, composite, nanofibers and multilayers
  • ★ Textured materials
  • ★ Film processing technologies (preparation,characterization)
  • ★ Patterning methods (net-shape forming, microfabrication)
  • ★ Biomaterials and Lead-free systems
  • ★ Hybrid materials
  • ★ Low-energy sintering


III. Characterization of polar materials

  • ★ Fundamental phenomena probed by scattering techniques (X-ray and neutron scattering)
  • ★ Electron microscopy (surface and interface phenomena, in-situ studies of domain switching)
  • ★ Raman and optical spectroscopies
  • ★ Local phenomena by scanning probe microscopic techniques
  • ★ Optical near-field imaging
  • ★ Spectroscopic probing of electrochemical phenomena
  • ★ Electrical and electromechanical characterization


IV. Applications of ferroelectrics and dielectrics

  • ★ Dielectrics, Ferroelectrics and antiferroelectrics for energy applications
  • ★ Medical ultrasound transducers, ultrasound actuators, and sensors for harsh environments,
  • ★ Sound absorption materials
  • ★ Ferroelectric memory materials and devices
  • ★ Piezoelectricity (high-performance and lead-free piezoelectrics, piezoelectric polymers, MEMS and other integrated piezo-devices, sensors and actuators)
  • ★ Pyroelectric materials and devices
  • ★ Optical phenomena tuning: photonic band-gaps, luminiscence and phosphoresces materials
  • ★ Biomaterials (hydroxyapatite, polypeptides, etc.)
  • ★ Relaxor dielectrics, ferroelectrics and smart materials


V. Theoretical modelling in dielectrics

  • ★ Phenomenological Analysis of dielectrics and ferroelectrics
  • ★ Nonliarity and scaling behaviour in non-linear dielectrics
  • ★ First principle and Ab initio studies in dielectrics, ferroelectrics, piezoelectrics and multiferroics.


Chief Patron

Dr. G. Viswanathan,
Founder & Chancellor, VIT


Co-Chief Patrons


Shri. Sankar Viswanathan,
Vice President, VIT
Dr. Sekar Viswanathan,
Vice President, VIT
Shri. G.V. Selvam,
Vice President, VIT


Principal Patrons


Dr. S.V. Kota Reddy,
Vice Chancellor, VIT-AP University
Dr. C.L.V. Sivakumar,
Registrar, VIT-AP University


Chair Persons

Dr. Santanu Mandal

Dr. Lakshmi Sowjanya Pali

Dr. N. Madhusudana Rao



Dr. VRK Murthy

Dr. SK Khadeer Pasha



Dr. S. Roopas Kiran


Local Organizing Committee

Dr. J. Sudagar

Dr. Debajit Gosami

Dr. B.ManmadhaRao

Dr. Nandam Ashok

Dr. Nagarjuna Neela

Dr. Prabhakaran Thandapani

Dr. Kingshuk Sarkar

Dr. Kotnana Ganesh

Dr. Shiva Kumar Reddy

Dr. Mohammad Shafi

Dr. Venkata Rajinikanth

Dr. K Senthil


National Advisory Committee

Dr. A Sharma,
Chairman, DST, New Delhi

Dr. S B Krupanidhi,
IISc Bangalore

Dr. S M Yusuf,
BARC, Mumbai

Dr. A R Kulkarni,
IIT Bombay

Dr. R P Tandon,
University of Delhi

Dr. D Pandey,

Dr. V R K Murthy,

Dr. H L Bhat,
IISc Bangalore

Dr. A Garg,
IIT Kanpur

Dr. R N P Choudhary,
SOA University, Bhubaneswar

Dr. P K Bajpai,
GGU, Bilaspur

Dr. K K Raina,
VC, DIT University

Dr. Chandra Prakash,
DRDO, New Delhi

Dr. R Chatterjee,
IIT Delhi

Dr. K L Yadav,
IIT Roorkee

Dr. K Sreenivas,
University of Delhi

Dr. K Prasad,
Bhagalpur University

Dr. Seema Sharma
Patliputra University, Patna

Dr. T P Sinha,
Bose Institute Kolkata

Dr. K Singh,
Former VC, SGBAU

Dr. H Tiwary,
Ex. VC, BU, Bhopal

Dr. R Kurchania,
MANIT Bhopal

Dr. H B Sharma,
Manipur University

Dr. V K Deshpande,
VNIT Nagpur

Dr. Ashok Kumar,

Dr. D K Pradhan,
NIT Rourkela




Student Participant: ₹ 1500/-
Faculty Participant: ₹ 2500/-
Industry Participant: ₹ 5000/-


Important Dates

Abstract Submission Start: 15th Aug, 2022
Extended Date of Abstract Submission: 15th Oct , 2022
Acceptance Notification: 10th Nov, 2022
Registration Start: 10th Nov, 2022
Standard Registration Deadline: 17th Dec, 2022


Abstract Submission

  • ★ Authors are requested to submit their abstract in the provided template only through online portal of abstract submission available on the website latest by November, 1, 2022


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Contact Us

Dr S K Khadheer Pasha,
Convener NSFD – 2022
Functional Nanomaterials and Polymer Nanocomposite Laboratory, Department of Physics,
VIT-AP University, Amaravati, Guntur 522501, Andhra Pradesh,
+91-9894665388, Email Id: