National Conference on Recent Advances in Computer Based Systems, Process and Applications

  • October 24, 2019

During the conference, Dr. S. Srinivas Kumar Vice Chancellor JNTU Anantapuram, Dr. Ganapati Panda from IIT Bhubaneswar, Dr. Bhansidhar Mahji from IIITDM Kancheepuram were present in the inauguration ceremony. The Dean for School of Computer Science and Engineering delivered the vote of thanks. Dr. Ganapati Panda delivered a keynote address on “Recent Advances in Intelligent Systems, Machine Learning and Data Analytics”. He covered the techniques for data analysis, characterizing missing data, filters, noise reduction, clustering, classification, neural nets, deep learning and cognitive radio. He indicated number of numerous research problems during his lecture. Dr. S Srinivas Kumar introduced computer graphics, pattern recognition, computer vision, image processing and gave research insights in blind image processing, steganalysis, image inpainting, image segmentation, image enhancement and image cryptanalysis in his keynote address. He encouraged the participants in doing effective research. In the afternoon Dr. Banshidhar Majhi in his key note address introduced the need of medical image processing, techniques in acquisition, preprocessing, segmentation techniques for pathology detection using images. The second day of the conference started with a motivating keynote speech of Dr. D. P. Kothari, ex-vice chancellor of VIT, who gave a good insight into recent trends in various research areas in computer science and engineering. He emphasized about IoT and the integration of technology with society. It was followed by the keynote speech of Dr. E. Srinivas Reddy, Principal, ANU, who delivered talk on “Insight into machine learning” with various real life applications of machine learning.

For the two-day conference 5 keynotes were included and 23 papers with high quality were selected. The papers will be published in Taylor and Fransis proceeding and few of the selected papers, in its extended versions will be published in Scopus journal.

The conference was chaired by Dr. Anupama and Dr. Soubhagya from School of Computer Science and Engineering, VIT – AP.