Hands-on 2-day workshop on Statistical Data Analysis using R

  • December 1, 2018

The Department of Mathematics, VIT-AP University organised a Hands-on 2-day Workshop on Statistical Data Analysis using R during 8-9th December 2018. This workshop covered probability distribution, hypothesis testing, Chi-square Test, Correlation, Regression Analysis and an overview of the industrial aspects using R. About 40 participants from more than 15 different institutes attended this workshop. This workshop aimed to provide participants with essential skills through hands-on lectures by the Industry Person Dr. S. Yadavendra Babu who beautifully crafted it. He kept the sessions very interactive and was ever ready to help the participants. He lucidly explained the concepts of the workshop and made it easier for everyone to understand without much constraints. Lastly, he advised the participants to focus in intuition while dealing with statistical data and provided a perspective to look at statistics as the study of variances in data. This workshop has been a very good step in moving forward towards a future of predictive supply chain.


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