B.Tech. ECE -(Electronics & Communication Engineering)

About the Programme

The objective of this programme is to learn the concepts of electronics and communication disciplines and apply them to solve real world problems in the industry. It emphasizes the design of hardware systems as well as communication systems.
The students start the programme learning the fundamental concepts of electrical engineering, while doing foundation courses in mathematics and physics in tandem. A student then progresses to study core subjects of electronics such as Analog and Digital Circuit Design, Control Engineering, and communications courses such as Analog and Digital Communications, Signals and Systems etc. The foundations laid by these basic courses enable students to select various electives that provide them with specialized skill sets.

Career Prospects

A student successfully completing this programme would be well equipped with necessary skills to either pursue higher studies or work in industry as IC design engineer, Systems engineer, Embedded Systems Design engineer, RF engineer, Wireless/Mobile network engineer etc.

Design Your Degree (DYD) – Curriculum Opportunities @ SENSE:

The Specialization or Minors or Double Major options for Major in B.Tech. Electronics and Communication Engineering

Major in B.Tech. Electronics and Communication Engineering



Double Major


Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Computer Science and Engineering

Image and Video Processing

Data Analytics

Mechanical Engineering

Embedded Systems

Cyber Security

Applied Science

Internet of Things (IoT)

Edge Computing

Business Management

Electric Vehicle Technology

Geo Informatics


Software Engineering


Computer Science & Engg.

Digital Manufacturing

Automotive Design


Mechanical Engineering


Digital Marketing


Performing Arts

Computational Mathematics

Corporate Law


Know Your Specialization:

VLSI: The objective of this specialization or minor is to provide a student with comprehensive knowledge of VLSI circuits and systems which is essential for electronics chip manufacturing industry. The programme emphasizes the key aspects of hardware design and development for VLSI applications. The prime focus is laid on the areas like VLSI system design, verification methodologies, ASIC design, FPGA based systems design and SOC based design and verification.

Image and Video Processing: The effectiveness of image and video processing in many applications including health care, communication, security, and space have made it a separate entity of Electronics Engineering. The objective of this specialization or minor is to educate our students with theoretical and practical concepts of Image and Video Processing to make them an expert of this field. This minor will offer related courses to provide essential fundamentals for making a career in Image and Video Processing.

Embedded Systems: The objective of this specialization or minor is to provide the key aspects of both hardware and software design and development for real time applications. The prime focus is laid on niche areas like, Embedded Controllers, Real Time Operating Systems, Automotive Electronics and In-Vehicle Networking, Agriculture and Health Care. The embedded discipline is an intersection of computer science and electrical engineering and its applications are found in sectors like automotive industry, avionics, consumer electronics, medical devices and defence.

IoT: The objective of this specialization or minor is to impart knowledge on the infrastructure, sensor and networking technologies of IoT. The takers of this minor will be able to analyse, design and develop IoT solutions to solve real world and industrial problems.

Electric Vehicle Technology: The objective of this specialization or minor is to provide the theory and basic design aspects of automotive and electric vehicle propulsion system. The key focus of this offered programme is to understand the areas that come under the umbrella of automotive electric vehicles including internal combustion engines, battery electric and hybrid vehicle fundamentals, and automotive electric and electronic control systems that are embedded in future automotive industry.

Electronics and Communication Engineering: The objective of this minor is to learn the concepts of hardware systems and communication systems and apply them to solve real world and industrial problems though they have opted for other programs than ECE. Under this minor, core subjects of electronics such as Analog and Digital Circuit Design, VLSI design, and communications courses such as Analog and Digital Communications, Signals and Systems will be learned.


Career scope for Specializations/minors from SENSE


VLSI The VLSI field is a highly specialized vocation that opens doors to individuals with technical expertise in the area of chip fabrication, processor design, their verification and testing. As our day to day life devices are getting smarter, smaller and still being user friendly and reliable, the VLSI engineers have an ace over others. Industries like Intel, PHILIPS, NXP, Texas Instruments, ARM are the major recruiters for the students having this specialization or as minor.

Embedded Systems Specialization Embedded systems are having enormous demand for embedded firmware and application software. Embedded systems are used in almost every industry varying from automobile manufacturing to mobile manufacturing. Most of the leading companies like Texas Instruments, NXP, Wipro, GE, Motorola, Honeywell, VOLVO, PHILIPS, HCL Technologies, and TATA are recruiting hardware and software system designers to involve in their R&D.

Internet of Things (IoT) As today’s world is driven by internet which controls almost all the devices we use, the need of learning and exploring the field of Internet of Things (IoT) is becoming the thrust area of engineering. This generates a huge demand for professionals from this specialization/minor.

Image and Video Processing The need for skilled engineers in this area has rapidly increased with rising applications. Image and video processing has become a necessity for many applications including bio-medical, chip fabrication, automotive, and space, etc. The area of application is so vast that many sub-areas as biomedical image processing, computer vision, face detection, and remote sensing have been created.

Electric Vehicle Technology Specialization The concern of rising pollution has attracted automobile industries toward electric vehicle technology and has become an essential requirement. Many automobile industries are working on this technology and many have already launched. The immediate need for replacing the crude oil-based automotive has created a huge demand for electrical vehicles and so the skilled engineers. As per the report from the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, the EV industry alone will create one crore jobs by 2030. The leading automotive companies that are hiring engineers for the EV industry are Tesla, Mercedes Benz, Tata Motors, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd, Maruti Suzuki, Hero MotoCorp Ltd, Bajaj Auto Limited, Toyota Motor Corporation and many more.

Electronics and Communication Engineering (Minor) Electronics and Communication Engineering has always been one of the primary career options for students in India. Since everything is about smartphones and portable connectivity these days, there’s no shortage of job prospects here. The career option for this minor has a wide range varying from top MNCs to small scale start-ups. Some of the major recruiters are Intel, PHILIPS, Texas Instruments, NXP, VMWare, ARM, Vodafone and many more.




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