A Blockchain Club

A Blockchain Club



  • ★ This course aims to provide conceptual understanding of the function of Block chains as a method of securing distributed ledgers, how consensus on their contents is achieved, and the new applications that they enable.
  • ★ It covers the technological underpinnings of blockchain operations as distributed data structures and decision-making systems, their functionality and different architecture types.
  • ★ It provides a critical evaluation of existing blockchain technical capabilities and platforms, and examines their future directions, opportunities, risks and challenges.


Expected Outcomes

  • ★ Understand the structure of a blockchain and why/when it is better than a simple distributed database;
  • ★ Analyze the incentive structure in a blockchain based system and critically assess its functions, benefits and vulnerabilities
  • ★ Evaluate the setting where a blockchain based structure may be applied, its potential and its limitations,
  • ★ Understand what constitutes a smart nmmmmmmcontract, what are its legal implications and what it can and cannot do, now and in the near future,
  • ★ Attain awareness of the new challenges that exist in monetizing businesses around blockchain and smart contracts,
  • ★ Describe and understand the differences between the most prominent blockchain structures and permissioned blockchain service providers, as well as rising alliances and networks


Club Coordinator


  • Name of the Faculty Coordinator: Dr. Prabha Selvaraj
  • Coordinator Email: prabha.s@vitap.ac.in
  • 7904072155