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VIT-AP & Toonz Animation India(Trivandrum, Kerala) jointly launched the course on Animation Film making & Visual Effects(VFX).
Toonz is a major provider of animation to the top US and European producers and is South Asia’s most admired animation studio. Toonz offers its worldwide clientele end-to-end animation services including 3D/2D, Flash, Stop-motion and VFX. Toonz Academy is a strategic business unit of Asian Institute of Film and Media Studies Private Limited (AIFMS), a company incorporated under the Indian Companies Act, 1956, affiliated to Toonz Group having its office at 731-735, Nila, Technopark Campus, Trivandrum – 695 581, Kerala, India.

Now the Academia and Industry wish to collaborate in providing Animation Film making & Visual Effectsand setting up a Movie Production Studio in VIT- AP campus. To this effect, a MoU was signed on 18th July 2018 at VIT-AP campus.

Highlights of the Course:
• VIT AP Collaborates with Toonz Animation Academy, Trivandrum Kerala.
• Opportunity to learn Media Studies
• Faculty from Toonz Industry
• International Curriculum &and Exposure
• Free Internship to various Movie Studios
• Working in Live Projects at VIT- AP Production Studio
• Opportunity to work with Master Minds
• 100% Placement Opportunities

Fees Details:

S.NoCourse NameDurationFees
1Animation Film Making-Advanced(AFMA)15 Months (1056 hours)Rs.1,75000
2Visual Effects(VFX)9 Months (594 hours)Rs.96000
33D Finishing Programme(3D FP)6 Months (528 hours)Rs.45000
ProgrammeAnimation Film making & Visual Effects

To cover the complete process of 3D animation film making techniques. After completing this course the students will have expertise in 3D animation film making. Students will have strong exposure to major areas in 3D production pipeline like Character Modeling, BG & Props Modeling, Texturing, Character Rigging, Staging, Animation, Lighting, Rendering, Multipass CG Compositing, Hair Fur Stimulation,Fluid Dynamics& Cloth Stimulation.

Scope For Employment

3D animators with specialization in core areas of production are in demand worldwide. There are plenty of requirements in the creative industry. A student who completes the AFMA course can join the industry as Jr artists and eventually scale up to the level of Animation directors/Technical supervisors/Senior Producers etc.

Programme Content University Core (UC)

Understanding Animated Films & Film Appreciation, Understanding Story & Screenplay, Animation Principles, Development and Pre‐production, Traditional 2D Animation using Light Box, Digital 2D Animation using Flash, Understanding the 3D World using 3DS Max, 3D Character Animation, Basic 3D Assets Creation using Maya, Basic 3D Particle Animation, Basic 3D Lighting/Rendering/Compositing/Editing, Specialization based on talent for 3D Animation, Assets Creation, Particles or Lighting/Rendering, Production of Short Film, Internship in Toonz Studio for 3 Months

Programme Elective

Elective during the 3 months internship program Asset Creation, Character Animation, Lok Filaization, Effects Animation


CategoryLong Term Animation Professional Course
Duration15 Months - Including 3 Months Internship at Toonz Studio (4 Hours / Day)
Topics CoveredUnderstanding Animated Films & Film Appreciation
Concept & Development
Understanding Story & Screenplay
Animation Principles
Development and Pre-production
Traditional 2D Animation using Light Box
Digital 2D Animation using Flash
Understanding the 3D World using 3DS Max
3D Character Animation
Basic 3D Assets Creation using Maya
Basic 3D Particle Animation
Basic 3D Lighting/Rendering/Compositing/Editing
Specialization based on the talent for 3D Animation, Assets Creation, Particles or Lighting/Rendering
Production of Short Film
Internship in Toonz Studio for 3 Months
Software CoveredAdobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Toon Boom Harmony, Autodesk Maya, Nuke
For Whom?Serious Animation Enthusiasts who has good drawing skills with strong passion towards storytelling and film making
What can they become?Professional Character Animator
Animation Director, Effects Artist, Game Asset Artist, Texture Painting Artist
Animation & VFX Professional
3D Generalist


CategoryMedium Term Professional Course
Duration9 Months (3 Hours / Day)
Topics CoveredAdvanced Roto
Concept & Development
Camera Tracking
High-end Chroma Keying
Set Extension
Matte Painting
3D Assets Creation
3D Animation / Lighting / Rendering
Color grading
CG-VFX Compositing
Software CoveredNuke, Autodesk Maya, Photoshop, Mocha,Real Flow, Aftereffects
Fees Rs.96000
For Whom?Visual Effects Artists, Enthusiasts for TV & Feature and who need not have great drawing skills
What can they become?VFX Artistits like compositor, Roto, Match mover, Tracker etc
VFX Supervisor
VFX Director
VFX Producer


CategoryMedium Term Professional course with Specialization in any core areas of 3D Production
Duration6 Months (4 Hours / Day) - 5 Days a Week
Topics CoveredSpecialization in Asset Creation
Specialization in Character Modeling
Specialization in Rigging
Specialization in Texture Painting
Specialization in Lighting ,Rendering & Compositing
Specialization in Character Animation
Software CoveredAutodesk Maya, Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premier
FeesRs. 45,000
For Whom?Animation Media Enthusiasts who have learned elsewhere but would like to improve their skills to match up with production requirements
What can they become?3D Animators, Modelers, Lighting Artists, Texture Painting Artists, Rigging Artists

Animation and visual Admissions

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Last Date to Apply: 2nd July 2019
Commencement of Classes : 16th July 2019

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Mobile: 7010737331


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