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About School

The School of Advanced Sciences (SAS) is one of the seven Schools of VIT-AP University and it houses the Department of Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry. Here students are taught how to think critically and not merely what to think. Students are encouraged to question, explore, and research throughout their studies, ranging across the various disciplines sciences.

Our school aims at providing a solid foundation in natural Sciences, projecting the recent scientific and technological developments to the graduate, postgraduate, and PhD students. We aspire to be a valuable contributor towards the nation’s growth and development by producing highly skilled professionals and by engaging in cutting-edge research. SAS earnestly pursues a vision of providing local, regional, national and International leadership in the research and technology development. We believe in quality of education and research with ethical and professional standards for better tomorrow. Here, students make their choices based on their preferences and requirements that equips them with a balance of logical-thinking and problem problem-solving skills which are essential to tackle today’s professional challenges.