Robotics Club



  • ★ To support and encourage enthusiasm for different viewpoints about robotics
  • ★ To improve creative thinking, social, and problem-solving skills
  • ★ To offer understudies the chance to plunge profound into the depth of robotics and investigate how programming and robot configuration can take care of issues of all shapes and sizes


Expected Outcomes

  • ★ Development of communication and marketing skills and compatibility to work in a group.
  • ★ Development of curiosity in the member to understand and build creative robots to solve social and industrial issues
  • ★ Development of the ability to work collaboratively with a mechanical, computer, electronics, and other fields.


Club Coordinator


  • Name of the Faculty Coordinator: Dr. JAYENDRA KUMAR
  • Coordinator Email:
  • School: SENSE
  • 8632370347
  • Cabin: 422-F, Faculty area-12, AB-1
  • Conducted Events


    • Workshop on Chatbot using altsense
    • VIT on Wheel (VOW)
    • Raspberry Manual
    • Medi-drone
    • Haptics

    Event Gallery