Research Projects – SAS

Research Projects


S.No. Faculty Name Department Title of the Project Funding Agency Completed/Ongoing
1 Dr. Tufan Ghosh Chemistry Charge Carrier Recombination Dynamics and Electron-Phonon Coupling in Two-Dimensional Lead Halide Perovskites DST-SERB Ongoing
2 Dr. K. Selvakumar Chemistry A supramolecular approach to improve the efficiency of Enzyme mimic catalysis INSPIRE (DST) Ongoing

S.No. Faculty Name Department Title of the Project Funding Agency Completed/Ongoing
1 Dr. Santanu Mandal (70030)
Mr. Tathagat Banerjee (17BCE7100)
Ms. S. Hari Chandana (19BCE7380)
Ms. Tarini Guttula (19BCE7758)
Maths Py-Digital Writing Pad – (Python Based Motion Sensing Digital Writing Pad) Ongoing

S.No. Faculty Name Department Title of the Project Completed/Ongoing
1 Dr. Manmadharao Banki (70089) Physics Oxygenation of Human Blood by Photocatalytic Action: A Way to Photo catalytic Lung Assisted Device Ongoing
2 Dr. S. K. Khadheer Pasha (70012) Physics Design of super capacitor and gas detection sensorlow dimensional tapes and upgrade the performance from the device characteristics Ongoing
3 Dr. Anubendu Adhikary (70099) Chemistry Converting Polyethylene Degraded
Alkanes into Valuable Chemicals Through
Transition Metal Catalysis
4 Dr. J. Sudagar (70033) Physics Corrosion Behavior of Ceramic Materials under Extreme Environment Conditions Ongoing
5 Dr. Lakshmi Sowjanya Pali (70112) Physics Investigation of underlying mechanism for improved sensitivity and selectivity in ZnO based composite metal oxides gas sensors with change in heterojunction morphology due to change in the processing parameters and processing conditions. Ongoing
6 Dr. Sabeel M Basheer (70159) Chemistry vLAB: Chemistry Laboratory Experiments Simulations Ongoing
7 Dr. Tanuj Kumar Mathematics A pair of linear canonical Hankel transforms
on some Function spaces
8 Dr. Rashmi Dubey Mathematics Investigating The Stability Of A Buoyancy-Driven Power-Law Fluid Flow Through An Inclined Porous Layer Completed
9 Dr. Nandam Ashok Physics Large Mode Area Optical Fibers For High Power Fiber Laser Applications Ongoing
10 Dr. Tufan Ghosh Chemistry Investigation of electron-phonon coupling in two-dimensional lead halide perovskites Ongoing
11 Dr. Sabeel M Basheer Chemistry Development of chemosensors by structurally modified thiosemicarbazones Ongoing
12 Dr. S. Srinivas Mathematics Mathematical modelling of some non-Newtonian fluid flows over a stretching sheet Completed
13 Dr. Santanu Mandal Mathematics Memristor based neuromorphic architecture for image processing Completed
14 Dr.B. Satyanarayana Mathematics Investigation of hydro magnetic boundary layers in rotating flows with injection and suction Completed
15 Dr. S. K. Khadeer Pasha Physics Synthesis and Characterization of Graphene Quantum Dots (GQDs) Based Polymer Nanocomposites for Sensor Applications Completed
16 Dr. B. Manmadharao Physics Photocatalytic Conversion of Carbon Dioxide into Renewable Hydrocarbon Fuels Using ZnFe2O4 Nano arrays Completed
17 Dr. J. Sudagar Physics Extended Life of Components through High Entropy Alloy Coatings for Engineering Applications. Completed
18 Dr N.Madhusudhana Rao Physics Growth and characterization of CuInO2 thin films for Optoelectronic applications Completed
19 Dr. M. Venkatrajam Mathematics Analysis of Structural Attacks on Code-Based Cryptosystems Completed
20 Dr. M. Phani Kumar Mathematics Non Newtonian fluid past a drop with slip condition Completed
21 Dr.M.Sudhakar Mathematics Modeling of electromagnetic rectangular waveguide for high power applications Completed
22 Dr. Nikunja Bihari Barik Mathematics Multilevel compact integrated radial basis function methods for Navier-Stokes equations in curvilinear geometry with unbounded flows. Completed
23 Dr. Manoj Kumar Mishra Mathematics Bio nano fluid convection within a Channel Completed
24 Dr. Bhupesh Dutt Sharma Mathematics Study of Blood through porous Arterial Wall in presence of Magnetic field. Completed
25 Dr. Debajit Goswami Physics Role of molecular motors, passive cross linkers and filaments in the cellular cytoskeleton Completed
26 Dr. Anita Sagadevan Ethiraj Physics Metal oxide nanoparticles from bio-waste’s for Clean Energy Applications Completed
27 Dr. Roopas Kiran Sirugudu Physics Analysis of Anisotropic Nano-Composites for Vibration Energy Harvester Applications Completed
28 Dr. Anubendu Adhikary Chemistry Reduction of N2 with Transition Metal Hydrides Completed