Renewable Energy


  • Nature’s Power – A Future Energy
  • Use Green Technologies to Save Energy
  • Think SMART Build SMART
  • Renewable Resources are Safe Sources of Energy


  • To promote the importance of Green Energy (GE) among all the students, teachers, and staff at the university.
  • To instill a sense of responsibility towards Saving of Energy (SoE)
  • To educate the new techniques of Implementation of Renewable Energy (IoRE) in daily life.

Expected Outcomes

  • Developed skills comprising Team-Work, Leadership, and Event Management
  • Developed a Sense of Responsibility towards Energy Resources
  • A positive attitude towards Energy Saving.
  • Developed the practical knowledge on Implementation of Energy Sources.

Conducted Events

Club Coordinator

  • Faculty Name: Dr. Sunkesula Moulana Abdul Kalam Azad
  • Club Email:
  • School: SENSE
  • Intercom: 8632370687
  • Cabin: 124-I, AB-2
  • Event Gallery