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Research in School of Advanced Sciences

Research is at the heart of SAS’s vision towards becoming an internationally recognized center of knowledge and learning. The spectrum of research activities at SAS is extensive and distinct. Our researchers work to find out the technological solutions to real-world problems and to innovate new technologies to meet the emerging world needs. About Research at School of Advanced Sciences (SAS), VIT-AP University Currently, the school has over 90 Research Scholars pursuing a Ph.D. degree. The faculty members have contributed to academic research publishing and have successfully published research papers in over 157 journals and several book chapters. SAS encourages our researchers for collaborative research with faculties from foreign universities and presents their findings on international platforms.

The school has about 50 registered faculties under the Research Grant in Engineering, Management, and Science (RGEMS), an initiative to motivate research that can lead to R&D projects. Undergraduate Research (URE) pursuits are encouraged by the school as well. In collaboration with the faculty, undergraduate students pursue active interdisciplinary research to make intellectual or creative contributions towards advancing Science.


About Ph.D.

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Department of Mathematics

The department of Mathematics specializes in the following research areas:

  • Nonlinear Dynamical System, Modelling of Memory Devices, Integral Transform, Operator Theory, Hydrodynamics Stability, Thermal Convection,Elasto Hydrodynamic, Algebraic Coding Theory, Cryptography, Fractal, MHD Boundary Layers, Perturbation Methods, Stochastic Differential Equation, Approximation Using Linear Positive Operators, Fluid Dynamics, Nonlinear Mathematical Programming Problem, Solute Transport Modelling, Graph BColoring, Cosmology and more.


Department of Physics

The department of Physics specializes in the following research areas:

  • Nanomaterials, Transparent Conducting Materials for Optoelectronic Applications, Photovoltaics, Sensors, Composite Materials, Coatings, Condensed Matter and Biological Physics.


Department of Chemistry

The department of Chemistry specializes in the following research areas:

  • Materials and Nanoscience, Homogeneous Catalysis, Supramolecular Inorganic Chemistry, Spectroscopy, Coordination Chemistry, Molecular Machines, Organic synthesis among many other areas.