Online webinar on Biodiversity: Species Diversity Importance and Threats it is Facing

  • October 20, 2020

The CHY1001 Environmental Studies course is designed as a series of invited guest lectures along with project work and offered for the undergraduate students of VIT-AP University. The second invited online guest lecture for the Fall 2020-21 semester was held with MS-Teams Live Event in which about 400 students participated.

The invited guest speaker Dr Shalini Dhyani explained the concepts of biodiversity, its functions, its services and threats it is facing world-wide along with the strategies for managing uncertainties using biodiversity and ecosystems in Anthropocene-the current geological epoch.

She described the current COVID 19 pandemic situation as a cumulative outcome of biodiversity crisis, connected cultural diversity with biodiversity, stressed to acknowledge the biodiversity contributions to reduce degradations and conveyed global biodiversity concerns such as conventions, targets, agreements. Dr Shalini further enriched the understandings by explaining the answers for the doubts and questions raised by the enthusiastic student attendees.

Dr Sabeel M Basheer, Assistant Professor of Chemistry coordinated the online webinar lecture along with all other chemistry faculty members. Dr. Rajesh Chalasani, Assistant Professor of Chemistry invited the gathering and the lecture concluded with admirable talk of the guest speaker.