National level Workshop on Soft Skills Development in collaboration with SMART

The Department of English and Soft Skills organized its first national level workshop on Soft Skills Development in collaboration with SMART Training Resources India PVT.LTD. on 25th August 2018.

Ms. Gowri Balasubramanyam was the resource person for this programme. Around 35 participants from various universities and colleges from Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Tamil Nadu participated in the workshop. The resource person addressed various strategies that individuals can take up to monitor their soft skills efficiency and she offered great insight into the practice of self-reflection in developing and enhancing soft skills. She discussed in detail how important these skills are in polishing one’s social acceptance as well as employability.

The session in the afternoon largely focused on the instruction part which dealt with an action plan for all teachers to become soft skills trainers embedding soft skills into their existing curriculum. The participants actively shared their experiences. A number of activities were conducted during the session. Questions were raised by the participants and were effectively addressed by the resource person.

Dr. Thahiya Afzal, Dr. Karthika V.K. and Dr. Rassheda Parveen were the co-ordiantors of this workshop.