Rhythm is the existence of life; Let it be breathing or heartbeat.
Music is all about everything; it gives soul to the universe, and wings to the dream. It is as depth as the ocean, as broad as the sky. It is the path of spirituality that links the soul with the almighty.


  • To encourage talent in music- instrumental as well as vocal.
  • To help students retain and enhance their own, individual love of music.
  • To develop career in dancing profession those who have the passion for music.

Expected Outcomes

  • Students participate in all the cultural activities of the college and also in the inter-college and intra-university functions.
  • Students will learn the values and methods of artistic collaboration.
  • Student will be prepared to enter the professional world of the performing arts.
  • All interested and talented students are encouraged to join as members.

Conducted Events

  • University band selection
  • Keyboard and Guitar workshop
  • Antakshari
  • Filmy quiz
  • Folk/ Regional song competition

Club Coordinator

  • Faculty Name: Ms. Deepasikha Mishra
  • Club Email:
  • School: SCOPE
  • Intercom: 8632370170
  • Cabin: No-170, faculty area-5,AB-1
  • Event Gallery