M.Tech. -(5 year Integrated) Software Engineering

    About the Programme:

    The Integrated M.Tech. (Software Engineering) programme is a 5 year integrated course.  It is specifically designed to meet the needs of IT industry in the areas of software engineering design and implementation. Our Software Engineering program goes beyond teaching simple programming, and instead focuses on modern software engineering principles, tools, and analysis techniques for the design of large and complex software systems.

    The initial level courses provide students with a core foundation in programming, mathematical reasoning, physics and circuit design.  The later part blends fundamentals in IT programming including software engineering, database management system, computer networks, operating systems and storage technologies, IoT, and cloud computing.  Electives allow students to specialize in advanced fields such as database administration, network administration, big data, team management software, software professional management etc.

    Students gain hands-on experience in the theory and application of software programming, as well as practical experience through Engineering Clinics, Capstone Project and Internship. They also gain work experience while pursuing the program through the co-operative education or the industrial applications internship option. Students in their internships  are both full-time students and paid employees of the industrial partner. While working with professional developers at various industries, they are familiarised with fundamentals of the software and computer programming and its applications to solve real problems for customers.

    The programme is offered with the following objectives:

    • To understand and apply principles of software development and evolution.
    • To specify, verify and validate solutions to large-size problems.
    • To plan, develop and manage large software using state-of-the-art technology.
    • To learn emerging trends in software engineering and project management.
    • To expose students to quality standards, CASE tools and best practices.
    • To analyze, design and develop high-quality software solutions.
    • +2 / 12th Standard / Intermediate / PU or 12th Standard equivalent.
    • No entrance exam needed.
    Highlights of M.Tech Software Engineering at VIT-AP
    • Advanced Curriculum forged by Industry and International Collaborations
    • Industry participation from the inception
    • Semester Abroad Programme
    • Research Opportunities
    • Outstanding Placements
    Scope of Employment

    Most IT companies practice and implement software development life cycles, which feature Product Design, Product Development, Product Implementation and Product Support.

    The course  opens a range of opportunities and interesting job profiles such as

    • Software developers, architects, design engineers, testing and QA professionals
    • Project managers, consultants, solutions developers and entrepreneurs
    • High-end system design engineers, architects
    • Configuration managers and system analysts
    • Academicians
    • Researchers 

    M.Tech. Admissions



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