Melange -Inspire. Attract. Trend

Melange -Inspire. Attract. Trend


Club Name: Melange -Inspire. Attract. Trend

Club Code: EXC2029

Version: 1.0



  • ★ Everybody has a unique vision for their life, our club motivates and inspires people to come forth and be confident in their skills.
  • ★ To groom them to become confident individuals capable of publicly, presenting their ideas with clarity of thought.
  • ★ Students will be helped to bring out the style and fashion inside them through various events with an aim to overcome stage-fear.
  • ★ To spotlight the talents in Fashion Designing and thereby bringing people of the same ideology for a common cause of promoting fashion, as a way of representing them.
  • ★ To motivate students in creating designs for different themes on different applications which extends to clothing, interior designing, poster or grooming.
  • ★ To get familiar with the qualities and techniques for creative co-operation on different occasions.


Expected Outcomes

  • ★ Students improve their creativity and imagination in presenting their ideas based on the recent trends and evolvements.
  • ★ Students improve their problem-solving, communication and management skills.
  • ★ Students will be confident to showcase their talent and improve on their communication skills and expertise in the field of management.
  • ★ The youth will be familiarized on how to groom depending on the occasion especially focusing on formal attires during Interviews.


Club Coordinator


  • Name of the Faculty Coordinator: Dr. Neha Gupta
  • Coordinator Email:
  • School: SENSE
  • Cabin: