M.Sc Physics – FAQs

  • Q. What is the eligibility criteria for the programme?
    Answer: Students with a Bachelor’s degree with minimum 60 % marks in Physics as major subject.
  • Q. What is the duration of the programme?
    Answer: 2 years (4 semesters)
  • Q. Is there any research project opportunity available during the programme?
    Answer: The M.Sc. Physics programme includes a final semester project work within the department. Also, there is an interim Science, Engineering and Technology project that students could engage in.
  • Q. Is there any specialization offered?
    Answer: There are specializations offered in various subjects, having relevance in frontline industry and research.
  • Q. What are the career opportunities in after obtaining the degree?
    Answer: There are multiple career opportunities upon completion of degree. They are categorized below:
    1. Research positions
    Degree holders could get into Ph.D. programmes at national and international institutes or Universities.
    Research scientist positions are also available for M.Sc. Physics graduates in premier organizations such as BARC, ISRO and DRDO, and other organizations in the Research & Development sectors.
    2. Teaching positions
    Degree holders are eligible to be appointed as lecturers in colleges all across India.
    3. In industry
    Degree holders could get into electronics, instrumentation, materials and manufacturing industry depending on their specialization. They could also join in as scientific assistants in forensic laboratories, and scientific advisors in various organizations.